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About the Course:

I have been running a successful Agency on Upwork (earlier odesk) for more than 9 years. Our Agency has done close to 15,500 hours of work and has completed more than 500 projects on Upwork.


Upwork is a platform which has helped freelancers turn into Entrepreneurs by growing their businesses using the platform to get more people to work under them as a Team.


In the Course, I have shared all my learning of 10 years in a precise and to the point 1-hour (approx.) course where I take you through the method of creating a perfect profile, engaging proposal and finding the right jobs to bid on Upwork.

Introduction to the Course

Course Audience:

  • Anyone looking to start a freelancing journey – working from home and earn better than you earned in your last job.
  • Anyone looking to Start A Full-Fledged Agency with multiple employees on Upwork. I teach you the difference in between working as a Freelancer and as an Agency.
  • A Student who wants to have a parallel source of income to support your expense.
  • A budding Entrepreneur who wants to start as a freelancer and then eventually start a full-fledged company.
Upwork tutorial for beginners step by step 2
Upwork tutorial for beginners step by step 3

Course Modules:

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Upwork
    • Lecture 1 – Introduction Of Upwork
    • Lecture 2 – Course Curriculum
  • Chapter 2 – Getting Started with Upwork
    • Lecture 1 – How to Setup a Perfect Profile on Upwork
  • Chapter 3 – Working with Upwork
    • Lecture 1 – Different Memberships on Upwork
    • Lecture 2 – Finding Relevant Jobs
    • Lecture 3 – Learn to Create an Attractive Proposal
    • Lecture 4 – Before I End : Tips to Succeed on Upwork

Meet the Instructor:

Jasmeet started his entrepreneurial journey 12 years back as a founder of an IT company in India.

In between, he worked as a co-founder of a Digital marketing Agency – The Sharp Brain.

In the last 5 years, he has trained more than ten thousand students in Digital marketing and Entrepreneurship using offline and online media.

He loves to write, drink coffee and answer questions on Quora 🙂

At present, he stays in Australia with his family.

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