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The ever-present demand for cleaning services makes cleaning franchises one of the most profitable and easy-entry franchise businesses.

But what makes the cleaning sector such a lucrative business?

Is it the market size, growth or demand for services?

Like you – even I had a plethora of questions about the sector’s growth and researched to understand the cleaning franchise sector better.

 And i think i have found answer to what makes clearning sector as go to sector for people lookimng to start a new business.

Like most other businesses, the pandemic had a devastating effect on cleaning services as well. 

But after a couple of years of hardships and unwanted closures, the cleaning services industry has bounced back with full force. 

In 2023, the commerical cleaning business did 13.1 Billion $ in business and the residential cleaning business did 1.1 billion $ in revenue.

Together, the cleaning business was approx 14.2 billion $ in 2023 with a growth of 6% in the residential cleaning business in 2023  (source : IBIS)

There are approx. 36.5 K businesses offering commerical cleaning business in Australia and the number of businesses have grown at the rate of 5% per annum in the last 5 years.

And the market is expected to grow at 4% between 2024 and 2028 (Source: Statista

Now, if these prospects aren’t enough to convince you to own a cleaning business franchise, what else will?

Let’s dive into the list of Australia’s top 15 cleaning franchises.

Number of Franchises



Mooroolbark, Victoria

Founded in


Franchise Cost



$18 million

In 1982, a PhD student, Jim Penman, founded Jim’s Cleaning Group as a modest lawn mowing business.

How modest might it have been?

Well, Jim launched it with only a $24 investment. Today the group is worth more than many millions of dollars.

Jim’s lawn mowing service started expanding fast.

Seven years after launching the company, he was able to start a franchise operation.

Soon enough, Jim became a household name in lawn mowing and other services like Handyman and home service.

In 1994, the company found its new passionate leader, Hyder Hussain.

Today the Jim’s Cleaning Group is an international brand with services available in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK.

(Source: Jim Penman, Official Website, Jim’s Franchises)

Number of Franchises



Belrose, Sydney 

Founded in


Franchise Cost



$39 million

With personalised service as its Mantra, Bebrite is one of the seasoned names in the Australian cleaning franchise business.

Founded in the suburbs of Sydney in 1994, Bebrite still champions its appeal to customers by being the most affordable and personalised cleaning service agency.

Their in-person call-in feature makes the customers feel they are getting a one-to-one service instead of just calling a random cleaning company over the internet.

The personalisation experience and customer satisfaction sit at the core of the company’s marketing strategy.

The company is insured and employs trained staff.

The range of services by Bebrie covers all the cleaning services, including specific items cleaning to house cleaning and housekeeping services.

Bebrite is a nationally accredited “NDIS” service provider and services many insurance disabilities and frail aged care service providers.
(Source: LinkedIn, Official Website)

Number of Franchises



Windsor, Queensland

Founded in


Franchise Cost



$6 million (Source: RocketReach)

Started by a passionate entrepreneur, Damien Boehm in 2009, Urban Clean rose out of an off-duty part-time work need.

Damien was working his day job while receiving customers’ calls during his lunch break to do cleaning work at night.

Damien’s commitment bore fruit earlier than anyone could imagine.

Soon enough, this part-time job paid all his bills, and he was ready to grow it into a business.

By 2014, he had started franchising his brand.

Aimed directly at commercial customers, Urban Clean’s business model capitalises on already profitable businesses and offers customised services to this highly-valuable niche market.

His industry-only technology and system to win 100% satisfaction of his corporate customers.

Urban Clean provides a guaranteed monthly minimum of $5000 in cleaning contracts. It also offers an additional $5000 per month for its passionate franchisees.
(Source: Official Website)

Number of Franchises

140+ (3,500 globally)



Founded in

1977 (Source: Official Website)

Franchise Cost

$50,000 (Source: Chem-Dry)

In many countries abroad, Chem-Dry has become a household name in the cleaning services industry.

Chem-Dry specializes in carpet cleaning.

It is now an authority in carpet, upholstery, and multiple floor surface cleaning after 35 years of operation.

The brand has now become an industry leader in the world. Chem-Dry has been named number 1 in the carpet and upholstery cleaning category by “Entrepreneur Magazine” for 27 straight years.

The company uses carbonated active cleaning that does not contain soap or detergents.
Saving water in carpet cleaning is the company’s specialty.

They use 80% less water, leading to a faster drying time (1-2 hours).

The brand has a presence in over 35 countries on all continents and is continuously expanding further.
(Source: Official WebsiteLinkedIn)

Number of Franchises

600 (9,000 globally) 


Milton, Queensland

Founded in


Franchise Cost

$20,354 – $51,840

Net Worth

$32 million

Jani-King is an American origin cleaning service which prides itself as the “King of Clean”.

What began as a janitorial cleaning service in 1968, has now become an international brand.
Presented in more than 14 countries, Jani-King is the world’s largest commercial cleaning business. 

Awarded the number 1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise in 1985, Jani-King has continued to maintain this position in the Entrepreneur Magazine since then without fail.

Due to their vast experience in the industry, Jani-King is hired for cleaning commercial and public spaces such as hotels, stadiums, hospitals, and retail spaces.

Jani-King offers its franchisees the ability to maintain their present job while establishing and growing their business, assisting their transition from a part-time to a full-time business.
(Sources: Official Website, Wikipedia)

Number of Franchises

30 (Source: Global Franchise)


Willetton, Western Australia 

Founded in


Franchise Cost

$39,500+ (Source: DCStrategy)


$5 million

The next company on the list is a specialist in oven cleaning.

Their specialty is cleaning oily and greasy ovens, which, let’s face it, are simply impossible to clean after a few years.

Started by UK-born Rick Hellewel in 1994, the Ovenu franchise operation was launched and expanded in 2005 by a couple, Bernard and Janet Bannon.

Although still owned by Rick Hellewel, the company has become a family business since their sons joined Bernard and Janet.

Known for their professional oven cleaning services, Ovenu employs trained professionals to clean ovens and barbecues with their special non-toxic solutions.

Having tapped into the niche market of oven-cleaning, Ovenu has served millions of customers and has an annual clientele of 100,000.

Ovenu has franchises spread out throughout the country.

They promise $2000 earnings per week to their prospective franchisees.
(Source: Official Website, Youtube Channel, DCStrategy)

Number of Franchises




Founded in


Franchise Cost


Keen to Clean is a leading commercial and industrial cleaning service in Australia.

One of the most professional cleaning services providers, Keen to Clean, goes a step ahead of the rest in ensuring that their staff is best trained and adheres to all the health-related
requirements required in the business.

The triple ISO-certified company has a 24/7 work schedule, so you can call in their services at any time of the day to suit your convenience.

Their professional standards have been recognized by the Age magazine, which categorised them as one of the top 5 franchises under $100K.

The company works with real estate agencies, health centres, schools, sporting clubs, offices, and vacation properties.

The company offers guaranteed work based on your income goals and rewards for outstanding franchise owners.
(Sources: Official Website, LinkedIn, KeentoClean)

Number of Franchises



Narre Warren South, Victoria

Founded in


Franchise Cost


Net Worth

$22 million

A family-owned cleaning company, United Home Services (UHS) specialising in house cleaning services, including Cleaning, Gardening, and Ironing.

The company has focused on these three services seeing their high demand and an opportunity to beat the competition.

One of the highlights of the company’s business model is its franchisee-friendly approach.

The company offers a flexible workload for franchise owners and generous financial support in the first six months of launching your business.

Their franchise model makes your entry into the business feel like a breeze.

Offering full training for the new owners and their employees, UHS wins the competition with their initial and ongoing financial support to the new owners.

To top it off, UHS has a flat monthly fee, allowing you to keep the maximum profits.

UHS was purchased by Mpower Franchising Pty Ltd, which also operates Housework Heroes and Car Care.
(Sources: Official website, Housework Heros)

Number of Franchises



Cowandilla, SA

Founded in


Franchise Cost


Net Worth

$8 million

VIP Home Service is more like a love affair of its founder Bill Vis.

Bill founded the company more than 40 years ago and still runs the show with the support of his family members.

Bill started by selling vacuum cleaners door to door. On one such visit, he came across an owner who did not want to buy the vacuum cleaner, but his lawn badly needed mowing.

Bill offered to help to which the owners agreed. Since that day, Bill has turned that one opportunity into a success story.

Initially, he started lawn mowing and gardening services, but later on, the company began offering a whole range of home cleaning services.

Bill’s VIP Home Service was one of Australia’s pioneer cleaning services companies.
(Source: Official Website)

Number of Franchises



Brookvale, New South Wales

Founded in


Franchise Cost

$26,990 plus GST (Source: Official Website)

Net Worth

$15 million

Talking of businesses as love affairs the next company also falls in the same category.

Paul’s parents were disappointed when they found out their son was just a cleaner.

But little did they know that Paul would one day own a business cleaning company franchise, which later spread to more than 80 franchises.

Paul’s story is one of commitment and dedication to his work, not complaining about the scale or nature of his job but capitalising on the opportunities it presented.

Today Houseproud Cleaning company is a trusted name in the cleaning industry.

Houseproud Cleaning offers both houses and offices.

The company describes its cleaning benchmark as “hotel-standard clean”.

The company achieves exceptional quality standards by employing personnel who are not only insured but checked for their security background by the police.

To the franchise owners, Houseproud offers exclusive business territory rights. Training, support, and brand marketing are other standard benefits.
(Source: Official Website)

Number of Franchises



Cowra, NSW

Founded in


Franchise Cost

$36,500 + GST (Source: Official Website)

Pulse Home Service (PHS) entered the cleaning industry in 2020 after identifying a gap in the industry.

Before starting the business, PHS knew that the cleaning services industry was one of the most rewarding sectors – 70,000 franchises, making up 23% of the Australian market.

The company surveyed the market to find its entry point. (Source: PHS)

After finding that most companies were offering a single service, the company entered the market.

The PHS thus introduced a complete home services business. A one-stop shop for all the cleaning-related needs of a customer.

PHS’s emphasis on community networking and building its strength through collaborative efforts with its franchisees is a win-win for the company and its investors.

The company offers a low-cost franchise setup and a work-life balance which may be a dream-come-true combination for many.
(Source: Official Website)

Number of Franchises



Jindalee, Queensland 

Founded in


Franchise Cost

$180,000 – $250,000

The next company on the list is a pool and spa cleaning specialist.

Swimart is a subsidiary of Waterco Ltd – an ASX-listed company.

The first Swimart opened in the suburbs of Sydney in 1983. It is now a thriving business in Australia and New Zealand.

The company employs a team of expert technicians and spa and pool cleaning experts.

Proud of its 40 years of pool and spa cleaning experience, Swimart offers top-quality cleaning and services ensured by the use of the right chemicals and equipment.

Apart from cleaning services, Swimart also specialises in filtration equipment such as pool filters, swimming pool pumps, chlorination, gas and heat pumps, and solar heating.

To set up your franchise, the company will assist by providing a specialist management team.

The support is obviously not limited to the set-up phase only.

By owning one of Swimart’s franchises, you will have direct access to industry-leading experts to help increase your revenue.
(Source: Swimart)

Number of Franchises

96 (8000 globally)


Hawthorne, Victoria

Founded in


Franchise Cost

$127,500 – $769,000 (Source: JanPro)


$47 million

JAN-PRO is a US-based commercial cleaning service which operates internationally.

It has a franchise system spread over nine countries.

The company is a multi-award award winner in their industry and prides itself on highly trained and professional staff.

Their wide-spread presence (over 8000 franchises globally) speaks for itself.

But the services of the company are not limited to cleaning only.

In its more than 30 years of operation, JAN-PRO has expanded its expertise to include disinfection services as well.

Their corporate cleaning and disinfecting services are available for business offices, sports clubs, health and fitness centres, aged care and retirement centre, child and daycare, and auto & car dealerships, among other public places.

The company offers a warm welcome to its franchisees through extensive support and care. Once you own their franchise, you do not have to do anything to bring in the customer.

All the marketing and sales are acquired centrally by the company.

So, as a franchise owner, you will just have to focus on providing professional cleaning and disinfecting services as taught by the company.
(Sources: Official Website)

Number of Franchises



Cowra, NSW

Founded in


Franchise Cost



$6 Million

The story of Stain Busters is quite an inspiring one.

The carpet cleaning specialist started their business in 1990 with a single van in Gold Coast. The van offered carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning services on call.

The owner of the van and the business was Patrick Sweeney, who earned a reputation based on his excellence in achieving customer satisfaction.

Patrick was able to achieve a breakthrough in removing certain stains that the whole industry had accepted as a fait accompli back then.

Meaning thereby, that people had to live with certain stains because no cleaning company had any chemical solution to get rid of them.

Well, for Patrick, this was not an acceptable situation.

He joined forces with an industrial chemist to create solutions that worked effectively against these “forever stains”.
The subsequent expansion forced Patrick to launch the franchise operation for his company.

Meanwhile, the company has perfected a process that is based on not only the right solution to apply but includes intricacies like the right amount of pressure to apply, the water temperature to maintain, and other such details.

Stain Busters sells its business to franchisees based on its customer-oriented business philosophy.

The secret to long-term success, says Stain Busters, lies in focusing your business on the customers.
(Source: StainBusters)

Number of Franchises



New Castle, Wallsend, New South Wales

Founded in


Franchise Cost

$42,000 plus GST (Source: Electrodry)


$29 million

The last company on the list is also the work of passion of an entrepreneur, Paul Burchell. 

He quit his job in an accounting and bookkeeping firm to expand his side job of cleaning services into a full-fledged business. 

The first version of his company was called Monster Magic.

To turn on the real magic in his cleaning services, he experimented with putting loads of mud in his mother-in-law’s carpet and cleaning it afterwards. 

It wasn’t long before the business took off. 

Later, Paull sold his first company and founded a modern steam carpet cleaning company, Electrodry.

His ingenuity in marketing strategy brought Paul’s new company instant success.

He used superman themed colours, a logo and a “super clean” tagline to market his services which hit a chord with his customer base. 

The company is now a family business. 

For its franchisees, the company offers the strength of their millions of dollars spent in marketing – meaning guaranteed business. 

(Sources: ElectodryFranchising, Official Website)

The cleaning franchise business offers a great work-life balance and a handsome ROI. 

Did you shortlist your favourite ones on the list?

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