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Melbourne, ranked 1 and 2 for the last five years in the world’s most livable cities is also home to some amazing Tech Startups and IT Companies.

From providing you with the list of the Famous Companies Headquartered in Melbourne, we now move to provide you with the list of Tech / IT Companies and Startups based out of Melbourne.

Our list comprises 50 famous IT-based Companies that have an Australian presence in Melbourne.

The list is created keeping in mind the diverse services offered by IT Companies, so don’t expect (only) your traditional IT companies to be a part of the list.

The list has names from:

  1. Edu Tech startups
  2. Cloud-based service providers (ex : CRM Software for Small Businesses)
  3. IT training companies
  4. Pure app-based companies
  5. Online marketplaces
  6. Accounting Product based companies

And more…

It is an effort from my team to get the best of Tech companies and startups in Melbourne for you.

Let’s get started:


Established: 2006

Founders: Collis Ta’eed, Cyan Claire, Jun Rung

CEO: Collis Ta’eed

Company’s website:

Envato (formerly Eden) is a company that operates a bunch of marketplaces (digital) that sell creative assets for the web world.

The company has established a name for itself by building an ecosystem for web designers, where they can come and buy themes, UI/UX Designs, pics, videos, audio, and 3D models for this business.

The platform has approx 1.5 million active buyers and sellers and an active 8 million community.

The company has more than 5 million items for sale.


Established: 2014

Founders: Nick Molnar, Anthony Eisen, Nicholas Molnar

CEO: Anthony Eisen

Company’s website:

Afterpay Limited is an Australian financial technology company led by Nick Molner, a Famous Young Australian Entrepreneur

The company operates in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and New Zealand.

The company was in news recently when it was acquired by Square – a company owned by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.


Established: 2007

Founders: Mikkel Svane, Alexander Aghassipour, Morten Primdahl

CEO: Mikkel Svane

Company’s website:

Zendesk is a software-as-a-service-based American company headquartered in San Francisco, California.

The company provides products related to customer support, sales, and other customer communications.

The company was established in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2007 and has its Australian presence in Melbourne.


Established: 1999

Founders: Dave Schaeffer

CEO: Dave Schaeffer

Company’s website:

Cogent Communications is a multinational internet service provider with its Australian office in Melbourne.

Cogent’s primary services are around Internet access and data transport that are offered on a fiber optic, IP data-only network, along with colocation in data centers.

Established: 2011

Founders: Sean Senvirtne

CEO: Sean Senvirtne

Company’s website: is an online retail store connecting consumers to a wide range of products at the best prices.

The company connects consumers with million of retails offering products around a wide array of categories.

The website has established a name for itself by providing the best discounts from retailers.

A Cloud Guru

Established: 2015

Founders: Sam Kroonenburg, Ryan Kroonenburg, Ant Stanley

CEO: Sam Kroonenburg (CEO)

Company’s website:

If you are looking to learn anything on Cloud (read: AWS, Azure, Google cloud), A Cloud Guru is the online training platform that provides you the relevant services.

The majority of the courses on the platform help students prepare for cloud certification exams from the three major cloud providers.


Established: 2015

Founders: Christy Forest

CEO: Christy Forest

Company’s website:

LiveHire is a recruitment-based platform that helps organizations find their people, and people the jobs they love.

They help large and small organizations transform the way they recruit talent


Established: 1993

Founders: Peter Dunai, Neil Detering, and Hung Do

CEO: Andrew Walsh

Company’s website:

Iress is a technology company providing software to the financial services industry in Asia-Pacific, North America, Africa, and UK & Europe.

The company works with financial institutions of all sizes – ranging from financial consulting firms to big iconic brands.

Iress software has more than 200 integrations and 300 data feeds and is used by more than 500,000 users globally.


Established: 1975

Founders: Mr. Andrew Barlow

CEO: Ben Dixon

Company’s website:

Adslot Media is an independent Programmatic Guaranteed technology that scales publisher-direct media buying through a direct connection with publisher ad servers.

With its proprietary Audience First feature, buyers can plan and buy premium products with their first-party data, across publishers.


Established: 2014

Founders: Thor Essman

CEO: Paul Migliorini

Company’s website:

Versent is an Australia-based technology company headquartered in Melbourne.
The IT Company focuses on architecting, building & operating cloud-native applications, data streams, platforms, and services.

Veresnt is also a premier AWS consulting partner.


Established: 1991

Founders: Christopher Lee

CEO: Greg Ellis

Company’s website:

MYOB is an Australian multinational corporation that provides tax, accounting, and other business services software to small and medium businesses.

MYOB is owned by American private equity KKR.


Established: 2001

Founders: Rob Cumming

CEO: Simon Less

Company’s website:

Urbanise is the first cloud-based Building Service Delivery platform.

With remote asset monitoring, dynamic workforce management, property accounting, and an e-commerce portal for building occupants, the Urbanise platform completely transforms the traditional approach to building operations.

Urbanise’s disruptive technology seamlessly outperforms conventional building management solutions and offers service providers real-time visibility and control, reduced costs, and new revenue streams.

Kloud Solutions (Now acquired by Telstra Purple)

Established: 2012

Founders: Christopher Smith

CEO: John Myers

Company’s website:

Telstra Purple was Established in 2012 and Kloud Solutions 2019

Klout delivers digital transformation for Australian and global businesses, in a way that other managed services and tech consultancies can’t.

Klout’s multi-disciplinary team’s collaborative working style is about listening and inspiring as it solves. Unrivaled global partnerships so you can access the technology for the outcome you want, powered by Telstra’s advanced and adaptive capabilities.


Established: 2010

Founders: Bernhard Tschirren and Michael Cameron

CEO: Michael Cameron

Company’s website:

Rome2rio is an Australian online multimodal transport search engine helping travelers get to and from any location in the world. Based in Melbourne, Australia, and owned by Omio.


Established: 1997

Founders: Karen Cariss

CEO: Mark Rice

Company’s website:

PageUp is the talent management platform HR practitioners, people leaders, employees, and candidates love to use.

Bill Identity

Established: 2008

Founders: Anthony Du Preez

CEO: Michele Garra

Company’s website:

Bill Identity (Bid) has transformed the world of bill management by developing a suite of solutions that leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


Established: 2006

Founders: Martin Hosking

CEO: Michael J. Ilczynski

Company’s website:

Redbubble is a global online marketplace for print-on-demand products based on user-submitted artwork.
The company was established in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia, and also maintains offices in San Francisco and Berlin.


Established: 2014

Founders: Ross and David Fastuca

CEO: Ross Fastuca

Company’s website:

Locomote empowers organizations to have complete control and visibility of their travel program.

A customer-focused and technology lead travel company, which reduces the reliance on traditional bookings enabling high-quality customer service.

Locomote creates a completely new automated and innovative solution for travel management.


Established: 2015

Founders: Mark Woodland

CEO: Mark Woodland

Company’s website:

OurXplor is changing education by helping child care services easily manage and automate all aspects of their operations.

Xplor has a range of products for supporting administrators, educators, and parents.


Established: 2011

Founders: Peter Dunai, Neil Detering, and Hung Do

CEO: Steve McGovern

Company’s website:

Dubber is a cloud-based call recording software that operates as a software-as-service and voice data offering.

Dubber was Established in Melbourne, Australia in 2011 by James Slaney, Steve McGovern, and Adrian Di Pietrantonio, and predominantly sells to Telecommunications Service Providers and Enterprise customers.

Yellowfin BI

Established: 2003

Founders: Glen Rabie

CEO: Glen Rabie

Company’s website:

All BI companies can tell customers what happened, Yellowfin tells them why it happened.

Yellowfin is a global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics platform dedicated to enabling product managers to improve their application’s analytical experiences with embedded BI, solving real enterprise analytics challenges, and helping business people understand not only what happened, but why it happened.


Established: 2014

Founders: Luke Finn

CEO: Luke Finn

Company’s website:

ROLLER’s vision is to help create experiences that bring joy and happiness to the world. We aim to achieve this by building technology for leisure and attraction businesses, helping them to deliver amazing experiences for their guests.

ROLLER is a complete software platform for the modern attraction. Our platform is built to support the key areas of your business, and to help you improve operations, grow revenue, and delight your guests.


Established: 2011

Founders: Dzulkiflee

CEO: Dzulkiflee Taib

Company’s website: 

Matchbyte is a leading solutions provider and consulting business based in Melbourne, Australia with offices in Auckland, Singapore, Manila, Dubai, London, and the US.

Matchbyte offers an exceptional understanding of the complexities, commercial drivers, and technical considerations of creating, implementing, and managing solutions for online travel businesses, mainly airlines that serve a vast array of customer types over disparate geographical regions.


Established: 2015

Founders: Jack and Max

CEO: Jack Zhang

Company’s website:

Airwallex helps us to save money on every bank transfer with their near-zero transaction fee and market-beating FX rates. We also use Airwallex’s multi-currency virtual Visa cards for all our SaaS subscriptions to avoid hidden bank fees that would otherwise have been difficult to spot.


Established: 2000

Founders: Leigh Jasper, Robert Phillpot

CEO: Leigh Jasper

Company’s website:

Aconex Limited was an ASX 200 listed public Australian company providing mobile and web-based collaboration technologies for project information and process management, on a software as a service basis, to clients in the construction, infrastructure, power, mining, and oil and gas sectors.

Catapult Sports

Established: 2006

Founders: Shaun Holthouse, Igor van de Griendt

CEO: Will Lopes

Company’s website:

Catapult is a sports performance analytics company, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, that provides performance technology to 2970 teams, across 39 sports, in 137 countries.

The company is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

Established: 1996

Founders: Gregory Paul Roebuck

CEO: Cameron McIntyre

Company’s website: is an online marketplace, which specializes in automotive, motorcycle, and marine classifieds business in Australia.

The head office is located in the City of Yarra. Within Australia, manages a network of sites for online classifieds as well as other sites related to the automotive industry.


Established: 2012

Founders: Adam Kushner

CEO: Adam Kushner

Company’s website: is an Australian-based job search engine with a mission to make it as simple and intuitive as possible for job seekers to find a job.
The company’s ambition is to continue to expand internationally and become the preferred job search destination worldwide.

A true startup, Jora is a new member of the SEEK family, which means we’re backed by the strength of a global leader.

BlackMagic Design

Established: 2001

Founders: Grant Petty

CEO: Grant Petty

Company’s website:

Blackmagic Design Pty Ltd. is an Australian digital cinema company and manufacturer based in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Established: 1998

Founders: Chris Dance

CEO: Chris Dance

Company’s website:

Print management software that’s helping hundreds of millions of people around the globe to minimize waste while having a secure and easy printing experience.

Established: 2013

Founders: Stuart McKeown

CEO: Stuart McKeown

Company’s website:

Gleam is a growth marketing platform that helps businesses focus on actions. An action can be whatever you want, an email subscriber, a Facebook like, a Twitter follower, or someone mentioning your company via a #hashtag.

Culture Amp

Established: 2010

Founders: Didier Elzinga

CEO: Didier Elzinga

Company’s website:

Culture Amp is backed by 11 years of innovation, leading venture capital funds, and offices in the U.S, U.K, and Australia.

Culture Amp is recognized as one of the world’s top private cloud companies by Forbes and one of the most innovative workplace companies by Fast Company.


Established: 2016

Founders: Ollie Campbell

CEO: Ollie Campbell

Company’s website:

Milanote is an easy tool to organize your ideas and projects into visual boards. Milanote supports all common file types including JPGs, PDFs, Word, Excel, common design files, and many more. Add notes & photos from your phone, anything you save in the Milanote app will be ready to organize as soon as you’re back at your computer.


Established: 2003

Founders: Mark Pincus, Paul Martino, Valerie Syme

CEO: Anthony Svirskis

Company’s website:

TRIBE’s award-winning platform helps marketers unlock instant branded content from influential creators.

It allows brands to increase their marketing efficiency via a powerful platform that can be accessed through an annual subscription or pay-per-use; while everyday creators can make money creating content for the brands they already use and love. 


Established: 2002

Founders: Tod Pedler

CEO: Tod Pedler

Company’s website:

CentricMinds is an Australian Digital Workplace vendor.

The company’s flagship Enterprise Content Management platform is in use by ASX and Fortune 500 companies for solving complex Intranet, Internet, Document Management, and Enterprise Social Networking requirements.

Judo Bank

Established: 2016

Founders: Alex Twigg, Chris Bayliss, David Hornery, Jacqui Colwell, Joseph Healy, Kate Keenan, Mal Hiscock, Tim Alexander

CEO: Joseph Healy

Company’s website:

Judo Bank is an Australian bank focused on small and medium-sized enterprise lending but also offers a range of personal term deposit products to consumers.


Established: 2006

Founders: Rod Drury

CEO: Steve Vamos

Company’s website:

Xero is a New Zealand–domiciled public technology company, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

The company’s product (under the name Xero) is a cloud-based accounting software platform for small- and medium-sized businesses.

REA Group

Established: 1995

Founders: Owen Wilson

CEO: Owen Wilson

Company’s website:

REA Group Ltd and its subsidiary companies, known as the REA Group, make up a global online real estate advertising company.

REA Group is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with subsidiary offices in Wanchai, Hong Kong, and Gurugram, India.


Established: 2008

Founders: Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle

CEO: Patrick Llewellyn

Company’s website:

99designs is a Melbourne, Australia, based company that operates a freelancer platform for connecting graphic designers and clients.

The company was established in 2008 and has a United States office in Oakland, California.


Established: 2014

Founders: Michael Ridland

CEO: Michael Ridland

Company’s website:

XAM is a development agency based in Australia. Established in 2014 with around 20 members on its team, the agency specializes in web, mobile app, and custom software development

Professional Advantage

Established: 1989

Founders: Steve Howcroft and Derek Rippingale

CEO: Derek Rippingale

Company’s website:

The company partners with our clients to support their business objectives, using proven business technologies to drive efficiency, solve problems, and fuel growth.

Professional advantage’s difference is getting things done.

With fresh insights and the confidence to challenge the status quo, the IT company helps companies improve business processes and streamline operations.

Royal Cyber

Established: 2002

Founders: Mustafa Qutbuddin

CEO: Mustafa Qutbuddin

Company’s website:

Royal Cyber is a UX design company. Established in 2002, the midsize agency is in Naperville, Illinois; Mississauga, Canada; London, United Kingdom, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Their team provides UX/UI design, cloud consulting & SI, e-commerce development, Artificial Intelligence, and more.

Web central

Established: 1996

Founders: University of Melbourne

CEO: Joe Demase

Company’s website:

Web central, formerly known as Melbourne IT Group, is an Australian digital services provider.

It is a publicly-traded company that was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: WCG) in December 1999.

Web central provides internet domain registration, email and office applications, cloud hosting, cloud services, 5G networks, managed services, IT services, DevOps security, and digital marketing. Established in 1996, it was the first Australian domain name registrar.


Established: 2000

Founders: Oleg Genin

CEO: Oleg Genin

Company’s website:

Genolis is an Australian owned custom software development and consulting services organization
We have been operating in Australia since 2000 focusing on delivering high-quality enterprise-grade customized software solutions at competitive pricing for small businesses, and corporate and government organizations.

Cuelogic technologies

Established: 2007

Founders: Vikrant Labde

CEO: Nikhil Ambekar

Company’s website:

Cuelogic delivers innovations with their lean cross-functional full-stack teams comprising of engineering, data science, cloud infrastructure, and designers to drive meaningful value by leveraging continuous delivery, data-driven analytics & predictive models to bring about intelligent product development.


Established: 2013

Founders: Alankar Anibha

CEO: Sachin Rathi

Company’s website:

Girikon is an IT consulting and development company, based out of Phoenix, Arizona with a development center in Noida, India, and offices in Melbourne, Australia.

Centelon Solutions

Established: 2016

Founders: Ajit Stephen

CEO: Ajit Stephen

Company’s website:

Centelon is a business-technology solutions and services company.

Centelon is a trusted partner of large – mid-sized businesses in the Banking, Insurance, Non-profit, Government, Media, Energy & utility domain.

A multinational company with offices in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, India, and United States.


Established: 2009

Founders: Muhammad Junaid

CEO: Muhammad Junaid

Company’s website:

InfoCentric is a leading cloud, data, and analytics services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, implementation, business insight, and business support.

Combining specialized experience and skills across various industries and business functions, InfoCentric helps clients convert digital data into business insights to gain a competitive advantage with faster and smarter business decisions.


Established: 1984

Founders: Roger L. Stevens, Ben Tobin

CEO: Thomas Beck

Company’s website:

Unico is an Australian privately owned and operated technology services company making
technology innovation – simple.

The company combines deep technical expertise with tailored integration skills to develop systems, products, and solutions that will seamlessly optimize organizational efficiencies and outputs.


Established: 2010

Founders: Vijayaraghava Srinivasan Sundararajan, Venkataraman Suresh

CEO: Latha Vaidyanathan

Company’s website:

Aussie Digital Business System is a one-stop-shop for all business Digital needs. Since 2010, ADB Systems is providing world-class quality IT products and services to our clients in transforming businesses into the digital world.

The company is 100% focused on creating high-quality consulting services.

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