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What is the 5.2 newsletter?

At the end of August 2020, I decided to do two important things:

  1. Make my Newsletter structured
  2. Not suck at writing

I will come to the first point later but the second one – it is important.

My better half says that i am a better writer when i drink less and write more.

I promised her to drink less coffee (what were you thinking 🙂 and write more – serious stuff.

So, here we are – Our newsletter on entrepreneurship and small business is getting a new look.

Now before i give you ‘the breaking news’ like a journalist who is trying to scare the shit out of his viewers.

Blow the trumpet. Pop up the bubbly and do the ‘Gangnam style dance.’

Enough of drama.

Now to the news -> The monthly newsletter has a new format and a new name ‘ Thou shalt be named as 5 point 2 Newsletter.’

That was the shit Shakespearean language I learned (or did not learn) in my so-called ‘British boarding school’ where you spend a fortune to live in a British styled prison and then flaunt in front of others – how well your kids can converse in English.

Long story cut short – We are going structured.

To start with, the new email newsletter will be restricted to one newsletter per month (to save you the spam) and it will have five major points and two minor points.

What is the logic behind the move?

There is no logic. I just wanted something structured, focused and exciting.

So, 5 Points for the five days of the week – Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri and two short ones for the weekend.

It would be awesome if you allocate one of the points for each of the days:

Monday – Monday is when we have the Monday blues. How about you read an interesting story based on real-life entrepreneurial experience and get over the Monday blues by kicking off the corporate struggle.

Tuesday – You are over your Monday blues and are looking forward to reaching the hump day (don’t roll your eyes over the word – hump. I know what it means and I did smile when they told me – the hump here is the camel’s hump, not the hump rabbits….. stop thinking like a pervert ).

Anyways – the hump day is Wednesday.

I will get you a question from Quora and the answer i wrote for the question.

I am sure it would be fun. I have answered around 600+ questions on Quora and a lot of them have been featured on quora’s digest.

Let me dig out some best stuff for you.

Wednesday – Start the hump day by…. Obviously, preparing for the last three days of the week (what ere you thinking?).

How about I tell you about a book that I have read and found it to be memorable and helpful. Note – a useful book for me is a book that is written in a non B.S way (minus all the MBA jargon) and gets to the point asap (similar to my blogs).

I would only suggest a book that you can buy and read to improve your ‘ever-improving self.’

I read and finish one book every month and whatever menial knowledge I have is all thanks to my reading habits.

Thursday – Learn something other than entrepreneurship. Yup! I am going to find you a blog or an article that helps you update a skill that is not ‘all business.’

It could be digital marketing, life skill, or something as simple as – why am I sucking at finding a job (watch out for this space).

Friday – Happy Friday, Mate! Time to keep your work aside and prepare for the weekend.

Now we all are stuck at home working our a**es off for the corporate that is just an evil version of Game of Thrones.

I am going to find you something interesting from the world of Netflix and Disney (don’t give me that look. I am a true Star Wars / Avenger fan and when I saw Disney has all of it including some cool program for my kids. I subscribed to it).

Also – Prime (i keep forgetting that they too are a part of the gang). By the way, I will make some cool suggestions.

I recommend you binge-watch the series over the weekend or watch the movie staying like an owl on Friday night with a glass of red wine 🙂

The last two decimals (2 points)

Saturday – Take it easy, mate! It’s a Saturday. Sleep late :). I only have a fun fact for you.

Sunday – Get up with a lovely quote that helps you stay motivated for the next week and beat the Monday blues

Phewwww! Now that’s one long email.

Worry not – the 5.2 newsletter would not be anything like this long email. It will be succinct and focused on what I wrote.

The newsletter would come on the first Monday of each month and in case you miss the first copy, the same copy of the ‘newsletter’ would be set at the mid of month.

And – that’s it from my end.

The Melbourne weather is as cold as it gets and having spent almost 1.5 years here in the Oz land, I can tell you – I definitely miss India’s buzz and Noida / Delhi’s weather 🙂

After this long introduction to the 5.2 newsletter, you will find the copy of newsletters i have sent till date.




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