11 Top Pizza and Pasta Franchises in Australia

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Pizza has emerged as Australia’s most preferred takeaway food, with 34% of Australians choosing it as their top choice.  (Source: Canstar Blue)

No wonder, Pizza and pasta franchises / Italian Food Franchises have become incredibly popular food franchises in Australia, with various options available nationwide.

These franchises offer a range of Italian-inspired dishes, from classic Margherita pizzas to modern variations with unique toppings and pasta dishes that cater to all tastes and dietary requirements.

The compilation of our top 11 Pizza and Pasta Franchises in Australia results from rigorous research, focusing solely on concepts that have exhibited sustainability in the market.

Number of Franchises: 724+

Headquarters: Michigan, United States

Founded in: 1960

Franchise Cost: $500,000 – $850,000 (Source: Dominos)

Domino’s, a multinational pizza restaurant chain headquartered in Michigan, was established in 1960 and is currently under the leadership of its CEO, Russell Weiner. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Domino’s Pizza franchise business in Australia is not limited to the domestic market. 

The master franchisor of Domino’s in Australia also owns and operates the brand in several international markets, including Asia and European countries.

The brand has a global presence with over 2,600 stores worldwide. 

The franchise model of Domino’s in Australia has been successful, with most franchise owners operating an average of 2.2 stores. 

With the franchisor’s support, this success has paved the way for growth opportunities through internal candidates, who are encouraged to expand and take on multiple franchises.

The master franchisor model provides an avenue for the Australian Domino’s franchise to expand beyond the domestic market while maintaining control over the brand’s operations and standards across various locations. 

Number of Franchises: 23

Headquarters: Western Australia, Australia

Founded in: 2008

Franchise Cost: $30,000 – $46,000 

Pastacup, a fast-food chain that originated in WA, has established over 20 stores and is now ready for national expansion. 

This innovative food restaurant started  with the idea of  redefining the industry by providing customers with healthy, delicious, handmade pasta dishes that have garnered a consistently growing and loyal customer base.

What sets Pastacup apart from other fast-food chains is its commitment to making pasta the old-fashioned way. 

The pasta is made fresh by hand using 100% durum wheat and eggs daily, ensuring a superior taste and texture.

In addition, the sauces are created using authentic, time-tested recipes that are meticulously crafted to complement the pasta.

The vision behind Pastacup is the brainchild of two dynamic and driven entrepreneurs, Stuart Bernstein and partner Siri Solumsmoen.

With their innovative concept and dedication to quality ingredients, they are determined to make Pastacup a significant player in the fast-food landscape in Australia and beyond.

Number of Franchises: 254+

Headquarters: Texas, United States

Founded in: 1958

Franchise Cost: $367,000 to $2,063,500

Pizza Hut is an international franchise and a multinational restaurant chain from the United States. (Source: Wikipedia)

Pizza Hut has become a famous pizza brand in Australia for several reasons. The brand has been in the Australian market for over 50 years and has continually strived to offer high-quality pizzas at an affordable prices. (Source: Pizza Hut)

The chain is well known for its extensive menu featuring various pizza toppings and caters to diverse customer preferences.
In late 2016, Allegro private equity purchased the master franchisee license for the Pizza Hut brand from Yum! Brands. 

This purchase included acquiring the remaining 127 Eagle Boys locations, further expanding the brand’s footprint in Australia. 

Since the acquisition, the brand has slowed down its new franchise development, with a reduced presence in recognised franchise growth platforms.

However, the brand continues to operate with existing franchisees and retains a loyal customer base due to its consistent delivery of high-quality pizzas and excellent customer service. 

Despite the slowdown in franchise development, Pizza Hut has been focused on keeping up with customer preferences and has continued to diversify its menu offerings to cater to different dietary needs, including the introduction of vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Number of Franchises: 180+ (Globally)

Headquarters: Cologne, Germany

Founded in: 2002

Franchise Cost: $711,350 – $2,012,000

Vapiano is a well-known restaurant that has gained popularity due to its incredible, high-quality dishes.

The menu features a range of Italian-inspired classics, including handmade fresh pasta, pizza (and pinsa), and Insalata. 

One of the standout features of Vapiano is that each dish is cooked to order, meaning that customers can personalise their meals to suit their preferences or dietary requirements.

All Vapiano meals are prepared by experienced chefs in open kitchens, allowing customers to watch as their dishes are expertly crafted.

Using only the finest quality ingredients is a top priority for Vapiano, ensuring every dish is of the highest possible standard. (Source: Vapiano)

The chefs take pride in their work and pay close attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the dish is perfect.

Number of Franchises: 120+

Headquarters: Texas, United States

Founded in: 2001

Franchise Cost: $375,000 – $450,000

Retail Food Group is the Crust brand owner, one of Australia’s leading gourmet pizza franchises. 

In 2001, a vision to create gourmet pizzas led to the birth of Crust Pizza, with the first store opening in Annandale, New South Wales. 

The founders quickly expanded their reach, and soon after, the second store was established in Richmond, Victoria. Today, with over 130 stores throughout the country, Crust has become a household name in Australia. (Source: Crust)

The pizza chain has distinguished itself from the competition with its innovative and award-winning product offerings. 

Their unique gourmet pizza flavours have earned them several International Pizza Awards, solidifying their reputation as market leaders. Notably, their Peri Peri Chicken Pizza has become a customer favourite. 

Crust has also been at the forefront of meeting changing consumer needs, introducing several new menu options.
As market trends continue to evolve, Crust Pizza has remained a leader in innovation and product development.

In 2022, they were named a finalist in the Vegan Nourish Awards for their Plant-Based Protein and Vegan Pizza ranges, demonstrating their commitment to offering a wide range of options to meet diverse dietary requirements. 

Number of Franchises: 23

Headquarters: Victoria, Australia

Founded in: 2000

Franchise Cost: $285,000 (Source: AA Business Brokers)

Bubba Pizza is a family-run pizza franchise based in Melbourne, Victoria. It was founded in 2000 and has grown steadily to become a well-known regional pizza brand. 

The franchise prides itself on using high-quality, fresh ingredients and making its pizzas from scratch daily.

One key factor that sets Bubba Pizza apart from other pizza franchises is its focus on digital innovation.

Another unique aspect of Bubba Pizza is its family-run franchise commitment. 

They emphasise the importance of building a solid relationship with their franchisees and offer ongoing support and training to help them succeed. 

They also encourage franchisees to get involved in their local communities and support charitable causes, which helps to build strong ties with customers and drive loyalty.

Bubba Pizza has been expanding steadily recently, with new stores opening in South Australia and other parts of Victoria.

Their innovative digital strategies, commitment to quality ingredients, and focus on building strong relationships with their franchisees and customers make them an exciting player in the Australian pizza franchise market. 

Number of Franchises: 12

Headquarters: Texas, United States

Founded in: 1958

Franchise Cost: $352,000 – $798,000

Pizza Inn is a popular restaurant chain founded in 1958 in Dallas, Texas. 

Since then, it has grown to become an international food franchise with locations throughout the United States and several countries worldwide. (Source: Wikipedia)

Pizza Inn was founded in 1958 by Rudy Arbolino and Vito Russo, who recognised the need to differentiate their restaurant from competitors.

From the beginning, they focused on pizza quality over quantity, which has been a critical factor in the chain’s success for nearly 50 years. (Source: Measure My Pizza)

The recipe for Pizza Inn’s dough dates back to Rudy’s aunt’s bakery/pizzeria in Naples, and the signature tomato sauce is made with a blend of herbs and spices that complement the classic dough base.

The chain prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients to top its pizzas, ensuring consistently delicious results.

Each Pizza Inn franchise location is independently owned and operated by a trained and dedicated team that upholds the high standards set by the founders.

Number of Franchises: 19

Headquarters: Adelaide, Australia

Founded in: 1984

Franchise Cost: $500,000-$700,000

Fasta Pasta is one of Australia’s famous Italian restaurant chains with a mission to become the leading best and most affordable franchise chain (Italian restaurants).

This ambitious goal of Fasta Pasta is based on the belief that delivering fresh and delicious meals to all customers is the key to success. 

The Fasta Pasta brand currently boasts 19 restaurants across Australia, providing ample opportunities for growth and expansion.

Fasta Pasta sees significant potential for growth in South Australia and regional areas of Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.

All meals at Fasta Pasta are made with fresh ingredients and cooked to ensure that customers receive the best possible experience. 

Fasta Pasta aims to establish itself as tAustralia’spremier and most affordable Italian restaurant chain.

Number of Franchises: 11

Headquarters: New South Wales, Australia

Founded in: 2008

Franchise Cost: $250,000 – $500,000

Manoosh Pizzeria is a popular and award-winning pizza restaurant that has become a beloved spot for dine-in and home delivery in Sydney, Australia. (Source: Manoosh)

They offer a wide variety of freshly baked pizzas and wraps, which are made with the freshest ingredients and a unique blend of fragrant spices that sets them apart from the competition.

Inspired by his Lebanese heritage, Charlie Hoyek founded Manoosh Pizzeria with a vision to bring the rich and diverse flavours of the Middle East to the pizza world. 

This is reflected in their menu, which features a range of pizza toppings and wraps fillings influenced by Lebanese cuisine and culture.

Manoosh Pizzeria has gained recognition for its exceptional service and commitment to quality. 

Number of Franchises: 38 (Australia & New Zealand)

Headquarters: Victoria, Australia

Founded in: 1985

Franchise Cost: $600,000 (Source: La Porchetta)

La Porchetta is a popular restaurant franchise that has become one of the largest Italian restaurant chains in Australia and New Zealand.

The franchise currently has approximately 38 outlets throughout both countries, all owned by individual franchisees. (Source: Wikipedia)

The La Porchetta brand is positioned around the concept of the traditional Italian family, with food around the table being central to that.

The restaurant chain aims to create a welcoming, warm, and family-oriented environment.

The menu is designed to offer a wide range of delicious Italian dishes, including pizza, pasta, risotto, and more, with a focus on sharing and communal dining. 

Number of Franchises: 6

Headquarters: Queensland, Australia

Founded in: 1981

Franchise Cost: $270,000 

Based in the Gold Coast and operating since 1981, this proudly family-owned pizza business has provided quality food and exceptional customer service for over 40 years.

The restaurant started with a unique food business idea of offering ‘piled-high’ pizzas offers a broad menu, including pizza, wings, salads, and desserts.. (Source: Maries Pizza)

The restaurant’s piled-high pizza concept has gained a cult-like following, with customers raving about the delicious, generously-topped pizzas. 

The brand openly states that it is ready to grow again and has a point of difference that sets it apart from other pizza chains. 

Final Thoughts

Over the years, pizza and pasta franchises have become increasingly popular in Australia, with various options available to suit every taste and budget.

These franchises offer a convenient and affordable dining experience while still providing high-quality, fresh, and authentic Italian cuisine.

The top 11 Pizza and Pasta Franchises in Australia provide diverse menu options that cater to various dietary requirements, allowing customers to find a suitable fit for their taste preferences.

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