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This free course will teach you all the “required steps” to be an Entrepreneur, including concepts like “how to easily build a Financial Plan” and “how to use business tools to optimize your expenses“.

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It’s a new world! A world of Entrepreneurs.

The start-up revolution has made things way easier, way more accessible for all of us. And this revolution has caught the eyes of Corporate, media, and, most importantly, VCs – getting them the much-deserved attention.

All this attention has helped create a positive buzz towards Entrepreneurship, with millions wanting to get into the entrepreneurial process and take the steps to entrepreneurship.steps to be an entrepreneur

We live in times when college students are unafraid of leaving offers from established companies to start their own startups, and many others want to do the same.

“However, not many know – how or where to start a startup?”

All they have is a dream and know what the end destination looks like, but they lack the knowledge to reach the end destination.

Frankly speaking, you cannot even blame them for not knowing the process to be an entrepreneur as there is no book to guide them.

All we have are experiences from past entrepreneurs to help them guide through the entrepreneurial process.

So here we are – I am adding my experience of being an entrepreneur for a good 10+ years of my life to help you through the entrepreneurship journey.

I have brought all my experience of years into building this Entrepreneurship guide – 6 steps in the entrepreneurial process. 

How does the Course work?

Well! The course works as a step by step process where you get one email every day with the link to the next step of becoming an entrepreneur.

The course is based on my entrepreneurial experience, where I have learned that to become an entrepreneur, you must identify the right Business for yourself by following the right steps.

Steps that involve extensive market research, creating a financial plan, and hiring the right team.

If I were to start my entrepreneurial journey today, I would follow an entrepreneurial process that breaks down the steps to become an entrepreneur into six distinct stages.

The 6 steps in the entrepreneurial process not only help you discover entrepreneurship, but they also help you prepare better for the future.

Now all the steps that I will be explaining are equally important.

I have tried to be as simple as possible throughout my explanation. And that brings us to the end of the Introduction.

 So ‘My Dear Friend’ – Gear up for the first chapter of the program which will be in your Mailbox – 


About the Instructor

Jasmeet singh

Jasmeet Singh

Founder, Lessons At Startup

I started my first venture in the mid-20s in India and stuck to the venture for the next 12 years before exiting it and relocating to Australia (at present, i am taking a brief hiatus).

 I have 12+ years of entrepreneurial experience ( you would have figured that out by now :)). My experience has involved helping small business and startups start and bootstrap to success.

Till date, i have I have worked in different capacity (consultant, partner) in businesses such as IT Services, E-commerce, Consulting, Digital Marketing, Job Portal, Restaurants (to name a few).

My Training Credentials : As a Trainer, i have trained close to 6000 students online and offline (the proof is on udemy :)) in Courses ranging from Entrepreneurship to Digital Marketing.

What do my students have to say about my training?

I am not going to go on a “self appreciation” spree. Instead, i will let the students speak for my work in the feedback section below:


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