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Have you considered Home Care and Aged Care Franchises in Australia and what prospects do they offer for a business opportunity?

This blog is dedicated to answering all your queries regarding Home Care and Aged Care Franchises in Australia We’ll cover all the key details, including the brand’s number of franchises, its history, revenue, franchising cost, and the relevant details.

As you know, most of Australia’s economy is devoted to the service sector. In terms of revenue, it is worth more than $260 billion. (Source: IBISWorld)
With this huge market, one can only imagine the scale of opportunities it would offer.

Talking about the home care industry in particular, Australia’s population dynamics and some other consumer demand factors suggest that it will be a well-in-demand industry for the next decades.

But before I give you the population stats, let me first cover the consumer demand factors.

Demand in Australia’s home care and aged care market in Australia is continuously rising. The rise of technology and service delivery apps have contributed heavily to the increased reach-to-the-customer services delivery market.

The home care and aged care market trends suggest the same shift.

Now there is a crucial distinction to be made here. 

As far as the residential aged care services (the place which offers you stay and care) are concerned, their demand has steadily declined. (Source: KPMG)

This decrease in demand in residential aged care has been caused or balanced by the rise in home care services for seniors and those who require special care due to some disability.

Another reason is the constant evolution of the services industry due to the growth in technology and customers’ expectations for at-home service delivery with the touch of a button.

The evolving user demand has pushed companies to offer novel services, including accompanying people for a trip around the market, making some medical appointments and many such specific services.
Regarding the country’s aging population, Australia is estimated to have 1.5 million people above the age of 85 in the year 2058. The current number is almost half a million (515,700). (Source: KPMG)

But that is just for those older than 85 years. The number goes to over 4.2 million, including people above 65. The number is thus likely to grow in the coming decade. (Source: SeniorHelpers)

To understand a correlation between the number of aged citizens and the demand for home care services, consider this:

  • To serve half a million senior population, there exist 906 home care service providers
  • This is despite the fact the government spent $23.6 billion in Aged care in Australia in FY 2020/21 (Source: Australian Govt Report)
  • These services are not just limited for the elderly only but cater to the needs of patients and people with special needs as well

Now, let us get into the list of the top 10 home care and aged care franchises. 

But before that, here are the links to our pages that cover all the profitable, popular franchises in Australia and elsewhere.

Home Instead - Home Care and Aged Care Franchises

Number of Franchises



Toowong, QLD

Founded in


Franchise Cost



$140 Million (2021)

Home Instead is a provider of home care services for the senior population of the country.

While its Australian Head office is in Queensland, the brand is originally from Omaha, USA. Within less than two decades of its launch, Home Instead has spread to more than 1000 branches worldwide.

Present in more than 30 locations in Australia, it offers numerous in-home services tailored to the specific requirements of older people.

Home Instead provides ability care service and a unique take on helping people with some disabilities. It focuses on empowering your ability rather than focusing on managing the disability. Which sounds quite reassuring and refreshing, to be honest.

But if the disability is not a concern, and you only need a little help running errands or small household chores, the Home Instead professionals have you covered.

They’ll tidy up your house, bring supplies, do the housekeeping and tidying up and pick up medication on their way to your home.

Their vast service categories can help you in several ways, including bathing and grooming, walking and mobility, personal outings, or even personal companionship.

All their services are available round the clock and seven days a week. 

This timeless availability is huge customer convenience and a best-selling point for the business.

More of their specialised medical care services include care for dementia patients, palliative care for pain management, and even respite care for allowing the primary caregiver in the family to take a break.

(Sources: Official Website, LinkedIn)

Nurse Next Door - Home Care and Aged Care Franchises

Number of Franchises



Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Founded in


Franchise Cost

$20,000 – $58,000 (+) (Source: Official Website)


$99.8 Million

Like with many great entrepreneurial pursuits and startup launches, the idea of Nurse Next Door also sprouted from the personal inconvenience faced by its founders. 

The brand originated in Canada.

The idea for the business hit one of the co-founders, Ken Sim, when he had to hire a caregiver for his wife, who needed bedrest during her pregnancy.

It was surprising for him to find out that the caregiver had no experience or training in the service she was providing and had only been hired a day earlier, securing her job through fax.
She hadn’t even met her employer even once.

This experience led Ken and one of his friends, John DeHart, to capitalise on the gap in this service sector and provide more professional services in this market. So, they launched Nurse Next Door in 2001.

The Australian owners of the business were living in the same city, Vancouver, Canada, at the time, and the sight of nurses in pink dresses was their light-bulb moment.

They realised the opportunity for similar services in Australia and launched the brand in Australia in 2008.

As friendly as the name of the company sounds, the home care provider’s services match professionalism.

The brand provides premium home care services, calling the whole experience provided by their care ‘Happier Ageing’.

Their round-the-clock services offer all the categories of services one might need in old age.

From Dementia and Alzheimer’s care to companionship, meal preparation, and even end-of-life care, they have quite an extensive portfolio of services.

Their franchise onboarding and support are one of the most elaborate and forthcoming in any franchise business. 

You’ll get plenty of information, support, services, and training to keep your franchise operational and profitable.

(Sources: Official Website, Linkedin)

Home Caring - Home Care and Aged Care Franchises

Number of Franchises



Smithfield, NSW 

Founded in


Franchise Cost

$100,000 (Source: Official Website)


$14.8 Million

The Home Care Company is a provider of at-home care that values the individuality and value of each customer.

This focus on personalised care has allowed the company to keep a count of the customers served. Yes, that’s right.
They proudly announce that they have brought smiles to more than 900 faces, and many others are in the process. Quite an impressive value proposition for an aged care provider, won’t you agree?

The company has identified personalised customer care as ‘Person-Centered Care’.

This take on aged care allows the company to train its professionals around the standard principles of contributing to improving people’s lives.

The caregivers collaborate with their clients for a more dynamic healthcare approach. 

Thus, the company respects the client’s dignity by allowing them to live as independently as possible while ensuring their safety and comfort.

The company has identified four core values to achieve this mission

  • Passion – going above and beyond high-quality care.
  • Empathy – caregivers who are culturally sensitive, passionate, and genuine listeners.
  • Respect – enabling an independent and dignified quality of life.
  • Accountability – rigorous screening and quality standards embedded in the care.

Their services include aged care (for people above 65 years of age), disability care, dementia care, and palliative care.

Additionally, they offer respite care, overnight care, and other relevant aged care services

(Sources: Official Website)

Senior Helpers - Home Care and Aged Care Franchises

Number of Franchises



Launceston, TAS

Founded in


Franchise Cost

$125,800 to $169,800


$1 Million (Source: Official Website)

Seniors Helpers are arguably one of the most professional aged care service providers in the country.

The company has been a business leader in professional home care services by introducing professional programs such as Senior Gems, Parkinson’s Care, and Multiple Sclerosis programs.

The brand is known for its professional programs that lay out a holistic plan for aged care based on their medical conditions. 

For example, the Senior Gems program has been developed by internationally renowned occupational therapist Teepa Snow and recognised by Dementia Australia.

Similarly, another such program, Parkinson’s Care, is aimed at helping patients live a dignified life in the comfort of their homes.

Parkinson’s is a crippling disease, affecting 37 Australians daily. It is estimated that one in every 308 Australians lives with Parkinson’s disease. (Source: SeniorsHelp)

Other professional home care services provided by the company include

  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care
  • Disability Support
  • Personal Care
  • Companion Care
  • Chronic Disease Care
  • Respite Care
  • Surgery Assistance
  • Transition Care
  • End-of-Life Care

You can see the types of services provided by the company are wide-ranging and professional in standard.

For the franchisees, the brand offers a chance to positively impact the community while living the dream of owning a business.

(Source: Official Website, LinkedIn)

Right at Home - Home Care and Aged Care Franchises

Number of Franchises



Brisbane, QLD

Founded in


Franchise Cost



$12.9 Million

The next company on the list is a USA-based aged care company. 

Right at Home is a renowned international service provider for aged care and disability support.

Founded in 1995 in Omaha, Nebraska, Right at Home was the venture of a professional healthcare expert with years of experience as a hospital administrator.

The critical factor which brought Allen’s attention to the idea of launching a professional home care service was the experience of watching many senior patients return home from the hospital but not necessarily to health.

Such seniors mostly could not take care of themselves on their own and more often than not need the help of a caregiver.

Today the brand has reached an international customer base, with over 600 locations serving tens of thousands of customers across the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Japan and the Netherlands.

In Australia, RIght at Home granted the Master Franchise rights to Karen and Daryl Sahli in 2014. Their main office opened in Brisbane the same year, however, the franchise operation started a couple of years later.

In Australia, the government approves the company to provide home care services to the members approved for support from the government aged care fund.

Their services include:

  • Aged Care at Home
  • Dementia & Cognitive Care
  • Disability Support & NDIS
  • Nursing Care
  • Postoperative Care

Right at Home boasts having served more than 2,500 clients across Australia, totalling 500,000 care hours in the country.

(Sources: Official Website, Linkedin)

Simply Helping - Home Care and Aged Care Franchises

Number of Franchises



Ballarat East, VIC

Founded in


Franchise Cost

$95,000 plus GST (Source: Official Website)


$16.8 Million

Founded in 1998, Simply Helping offers personalised in-home care and support services based on Angela Feery-Richards’ vision.

The brand has achieved commendable success in its growth through the provision of services. One of the main factors in the company’s success has been the extensive experience of its founder.

Angela has held executive-level positions at Peter McCallum Cancer Institute and St John of God psychiatry hospital.

Equipped with professional degrees in Health Administration and Business Administration, she has helped establish the brand from its humble beginnings in regional Victoria to ultimately the rest of the country.

Simply Helping specialises in personalised in-home care, handling aged care, disability care, transport and companionship, home maintenance, and even gardening and more.

Their personalised care services mean that you can book your caregiver appointment, whether it s on a short-term basis or if you need long-term assistance based on more complex requirements.

The company provides specially trained caregivers who are reference-checked, police-checked and bear a current Working With Children Check to ensure your safety and peace of mind.
The Company’s franchise operations work based on locally owned franchises.

Their services include

  • Aged Care
  • Disability Care
  • Social Support
  • Domestic Care
  • Personal Care
  • Respite Care
  • Home Maintenance
  • Transport
  • Gardening
  • Pet Sitting & Walking the Dog
  • Palliative Care
  • Babysitting

(Sources: Official Website, LinkedIn)

Pearl Homecare - Home Care and Aged Care Franchises

Number of Franchises



Perth, WA

Founded in


Franchise Cost

$75,000 + GST


<5 Million

Pearl Homecare is a 100% Australian-owned home care provider based out of Western Australia.

As a matter of fact, the company takes great pride in serving the Australian community and, in the process, supporting the economy by keeping the profits and government aged care funding in the country.

The Shehade family founded the company with over 35 years of experience in health, allied health and the disability and aged care sectors. 

The professional aged care employees of the company include medical professionals, registered nurses, occupational health and safety professionals, care management planners, physical therapists, and home and garden care specialists.

Taking pride in serving the local community, the company takes pride in being an affordable service provider. 

To substantiate this claim, the company markets the following benefits for booking their services:

  • No sign-up fees or exit penalties
  • Full money-back guarantee
  • No hidden management charges
  • No lock-in contracts

Peral Homecare has a particular emphasis on providing inclusive services for the LGBTQI community as well.

Their services include

  • Veterans’ home care
  • Comfort calls
  • In-home dementia care
  • Post-hospital support
  • Nursing support
  • Palliative care, and more.

(Source: Official Website, LinkedIn)

Regis Aged Care - Home Care and Aged Care Franchises

Number of Franchises



Camberwell, VIC

Founded in


Franchise Cost

$12,500 – $39,500


$494.8 Million

Regis Aged Care is a subsidiary of Regis Healthcare.

Regis Aged Care is one of the largest operators in Australia with more than 30 years of roots in this service industry.

Although the mainstay of Regis Aged Care has been residential care, the company is always expanding into home care and other related services.

The number of Regis locations offering various care services includes

  • 64 residential aged care homes
  • 6 home care services, and
  • 5 day-therapy centres
  • 4 day-respite centres
  • 6 retirement villages

These service centres spread across the country currently provide service to more than 7,000 senior Australians.

Despite its reputation for residential care service, the company offers numerous home care services, including personal care, nursing, help around the house, shopping, transport, companionship, overnight sleepover, cooking and meal preparation.

(Sources: Official Website, LinkedIn, Wikipedia)

Just Better Care - Home Care and Aged Care Franchises

Number of Franchises



Sydney, NSW

Founded in


Franchise Cost

$95,000 – $125,000 (Source: Official Website)


$113.7 Million

Just Better Care is a home care provider which falls under the umbrella of Caring Brands International.

Caring Brands International was developed in 2013 in Uk with a unique ambition: to be a future-facing healthcare enterprise to address the global shift in this services industry.

The company started by acquiring already existing healthcare brands. The first of these acquisitions was Bluebird Care in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Later in 2014, Just Better Care joined the family of care franchise brand.

Today, Caring Brands International is a [arent to more than 300 franchises operating in 530 locations spread across seven countries.

Such a tremendous footprint has resulted in providing home care to more than 200,000 people annually.

As you can imagine, with this scale of operation, the company must be earning enormous revenue. Well, it is nearly one billion US dollars in combined system-wide sales.

Just Better Care was founded in 2005 in Manly, NSW, Australia, and is a well-known franchisor of in-home non-medical and medical care services.

Like other homecare brands, Just Better Care provides all the services required for aged care, whether it be taking care of their personal grooming or of their houses’ upkeep.

The brand supports both private care and government-subsidized care for its clients.

(Sources: Official Website, LinkedIn)

Driving Miss Daisy - Home Care and Aged Care Franchises

Number of Franchises



Sydney, NSW

Founded in


Franchise Cost

$30,000 plus GST (Source: Official Website)



Our next home care brand has an inspiring story to tell.

The brand’s inception begins with one of its founders, Melanie Harper, who drove her aunt Trish to appointments in Havelock North, New Zealand.

Aunt Trish not only started enjoying her company but also wanted to pay her for each journey. Well, this was the eureka moment for Melanie.

She and her husband, Jack, travelled worldwide to collect ideas. Their search culminated with the launch of Driving Miss Daisy.
In 2014, Melanie and Jack were contacted by Alan Branch and Stan Zets and discussed the company’s international expansion into the UK.

The launch of the brand in Australia came after that.
The brand’s main goal is to help and assist people in need in every local community.

You’d be surprised (at least I was) to know the number of services this simple idea of driving people around could offer.

Here is the list of them:

  • Medical appointments
  • Social engagements
  • Hair and beauty appointments
  • Grocery shopping
  • After school activities – sports, music or dance lessons
  • Scenic Drives
  • Airport drop offs and pick ups
  • Pets to the vet
  • Special Events and Weddings
  • Catching up with friends
  • Making new friends
  • Activities and Outings of your choice

For its franchisees, the brand offers extensive onboarding and support services. 

In addition to providing the Initial training, the brand offers step-by-step business establishment guidance, mentoring and business support, marketing tools, and guaranteed business owing to the reputation of an established brand.

This last entry ends our list of Australia’s top aged care and home care service providers in Australia. We hope you found the brand of your choice from the list. 🙂

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