Top 10 Hair and Beauty Salon Franchise Opportunities in Australia

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The Growth of the Hair and Beauty Salon Industry in Australia

Before listing the Top 10 Hair and Beauty Salon Franchise opportunities in Australia, let’s first understand what makes the Hair and Beauty salon industry a lucrative industry to enter as a business owner.

Australia’s salon and beauty industry has been experiencing steady growth over the past few years, with many franchises expanding their operations across the country.

The industry comprises various services like hair cutting, styling, colouring, makeup, waxing, facials, and massages.

With an increasing focus on self-care and wellness among consumers, the demand for these services is expected to grow in the coming years.

According to IBISWorld’s Hairdressing and Beauty Services market research report, the industry has projected revenue of $7.9 billion in 2023 and a market size of $8Bn (source: IBISWorld).

The report also states that approximately 36,595 hairdressing and beauty businesses in Australia employ over 100,000 people.

The growth can be attributed to several factors, including increasing demand for personalised grooming services, rising disposable incomes, and changing consumer preferences.

Many salon and beauty franchises are capitalising on this trend by introducing new products and services that cater to a broader range of customers.

By now, you have read about the growth of the beauty and salon business in Australia.
Time to look at the Top 10 hair and beauty salons in Australia.

Just Cuts - Hair and Beauty Salon Franchise

Just Cuts is a hair salon franchise founded in Australia in 1990.

With over 200 salons across Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, Just Cuts has become one of the largest hairdressing brands in the world.

The company prides itself on providing affordable, no-appointment-necessary haircuts for men, women, and children.

Each salon is staffed by qualified and experienced hairdressers dedicated to providing high-quality services that meet the needs of their clients.

Just Cuts also offers a range of hair care products designed to keep clients’ hair healthy and looking great between appointments.

Just Cuts offers an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to invest in a well-established brand with a proven track record of success.

With comprehensive training and support provided by the company, owning a Just Cuts franchise in Australia can be an excellent way to enter the thriving hairdressing industry.

Please note – The setup expenses for a Just Cuts salon may differ based on the size and location of the establishment. Generally, a fully functional salon can require an investment ranging from $85,000 to $260,000 (source: Just Cuts).

Toni & Guy - Hair and Beauty Salon Franchise

Toni & Guy is an internationally recognised hairdressing brand with a presence in Australia.
Founded in London in 1963, the company now has an impressive presence across the globe, with over 475 salons in more than 48 countries and around 30 stores in Australia (source: Toni & Guy)

TONI&GUY is widely recognised as the top hairdressing brand in the world, having won over 100 awards, including 56 British Hairdressing awards.

TONI&GUY’s reputation has also led them to become the official haircare sponsor for London Fashion Week, and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, where they support roughly 80 designer shows each year with their fashion-forward hairstyles.

In Australia, Toni and Guy have established themselves as premier destinations for innovative hair styling and cutting-edge fashion. With a team of highly skilled and experienced stylists, the brand offers a wide range of services, from classic haircuts to avant-garde styling.

The brand’s commitment to creativity, quality, and customer satisfaction has earned it a loyal following among clients who appreciate the artistry and professionalism that Toni and Guy bring to every appointment.

In addition to their salon services, Toni & Guy also offers a range of hair care products that can be purchased at their salons or online. These products are designed to help maintain and enhance the health and appearance of the hair.

Tony & Guy’s franchise model allows entrepreneurs to own and operate their own salons under the Toni and Guy brand with the support of a well-established network of experienced professionals.

The franchise model provides various benefits, including access to training programs, marketing support, and ongoing operational assistance.

Moreover, the franchise model allows entrepreneurs to leverage the reputation and recognition of the Toni and Guy brand, which has built a reputation for quality and excellence in hairdressing services.

By becoming a Toni and Guy franchisee, entrepreneurs can tap into a proven business model that has helped numerous owners succeed in the hairdressing industry.

Their impressive haul includes a record-breaking 11 Best Artistic Team awards and being named Franchisor of the Year and Franchisee of the Year at the Sapphires Awards.

Salon Express - Hair and Beauty Salon Franchise

Salon Express is a well-known salon brand in Australia, offering its customers quality hair and beauty services.

The first Salon Express store was launched by the Di Lallo family in 1996.

With over 40 locations nationwide, Salon Express has become a popular destination for those seeking professional hair styling, colouring, and beauty treatments.

The company prides itself on delivering exceptional service at affordable prices, making it accessible to many individuals.

Its team of skilled stylists and beauty professionals is trained to provide personalised services that cater to each customer’s unique needs.

The Salon Express franchise model in Australia is a successful business venture that allows individuals to own and operate their own salons.

Salon Express operates on a business model that capitalises on an already-established brand with a reputation for delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Their ‘walk-in’ concept fosters a connection between guests and the Salon Express brand, rather than individual stylists, as they trust in consistent, top-notch service each visit (source: Salon Express).

This is the edge of being part of a Salon Express franchise.

The model is designed to provide franchisees with a turnkey solution that includes everything from site selection and lease negotiation to training and ongoing support.

As a franchisee, you can access a comprehensive range of resources, including marketing materials, operational systems, and product suppliers.

The Salon Express franchise model in Australia is an excellent choice for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to establish themselves in the beauty industry.

Price Attack - Hair and Beauty Salon Franchise

Price Attack is a leading hair care and beauty retailer in Australia, offering customers a wide range of products and services across the country.

With over 45 years of experience in the industry, Price Attack has built a reputation for providing high-quality products at competitive prices while offering expert advice and exceptional customer service.

The company’s product range includes hair care products, styling tools, cosmetics, skincare products, and fragrances from leading brands.

Price Attack also offers professional salon services, including haircuts, styling, colouring, and treatments.

With over 65 stores throughout Australia, Price Attack is a trusted name in the hair care and beauty industry and continues to provide exceptional value to its customers.

What makes their Franchising model unique is the flexibility in choosing out of 3 options (source: Price Attack)

  • New Salon Opportunites
  • Buy and existing Price Attack Outlet
  • Convert your existing business

As a franchise, Price Attack offers investors a proven business model with comprehensive training and support and access to a wide range of exclusive products and promotions.

With its strong brand recognition and loyal customer base, Price Attack is an attractive investment opportunity for those looking to enter Australia’s haircare and beauty industry.

Franck Provost Paris Salons - Hair and Beauty Salon Franchise

Franck Provost Paris Salons have become a staple in the Australian hair industry, offering exceptional service and style to clients nationwide.

Founded by Franck Provost himself, an internationally acclaimed hairstylist with over 40 years of experience in the industry, these salons are renowned for their luxurious atmosphere, skilled staff, and innovative techniques.

With locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, clients can enjoy various services, including precision cuts, colour treatments, extensions, and more.

Each salon is designed to provide clients with a tranquil and relaxing experience while receiving expert care from some of the best stylists in the business.

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and a reputation for excellence, Franck Provost Paris Salons are an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to invest in the beauty industry in Australia.

Over the last 40 years, Franck Provost has continuously developed and enhanced their business model to ensure it operates efficiently and triumphantly.

Presently, Franck Provost owns 14 salons situated in Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales.

The company seeks like-minded individuals who share their vision for expanding the network.

Several franchise opportunities are available at strategic locations throughout Australia.

The professional franchise partnerships team is readily available to guide you through each process phase, helping you select the most appropriate site for your business (Source: Frank Provost).

Ziggetty Snipits and Nitpro - Hair and Beauty Salon Franchise

Ziggetty Snipits and Nitpro is a leading provider of children’s haircuts and styling services in Australia.

With a focus on creating a fun and welcoming environment, Ziggetty Snipits has become the go-to destination for parents looking to give their children a great haircut.

The company offers services designed specifically for kids, including themed haircuts, parties, and pampering sessions.

With over 20 locations across Australia, Ziggetty Snipits has built a strong reputation as a trusted provider of high-quality haircuts and styling services for children.

As a franchisee, the brand provides complete support to ensure your success and establish yourself as the primary provider of head lice treatment and/or kids’ haircut services in your area and nearby suburbs.

Their comprehensive training program covers all aspects of business operations, service delivery, administrative tasks, marketing strategies, HR policies, legal requirements, and more.

Becoming a Ziggetty Snipits and Nitpro franchise owner is cost-effective, with starting expenses as low as $10,000, and promises good returns on investment (source: Ziggetty Snipits).

Barbershop Express - Hair and Beauty Salon Franchise

Barbershop Express is a renowned barbershop chain located in various cities throughout Australia.

The inauguration of Barbershop Express took place in Rockingham, Perth, in 2015.

The chain offers various services, including haircuts, shaves, beard grooming, and styling.

Each location boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced barbers who are dedicated to delivering exceptional service to their clients.

The chain also emphasises using high-quality products to ensure that each customer receives the best possible results from their visit.

With its commitment to excellence and exceptional customer service, Barbershop Express has become a go-to destination for men’s grooming needs across Australia.

As per Barbershop Express’s website, ‘If you’re looking to be your own boss and for the opportunity to take control of your career and become a successful business owner, consider franchising with Barbershop Express.’

What Makes their Franchises different is their brand model.

Barbershop Express utilises a brand model that is already established and has garnered recognition for delivering an exceptional guest experience.

Their “walk-in” concept fosters a connection between guests and the Barbershop Express brand rather than individual barbers, as patrons trust the consistent delivery of top-notch service every time they visit.

Essential Beauty Franchising - Hair and Beauty Salon Franchise

Essential Beauty is a well-established franchise in Australia that provides its customers with various beauty services.

With over 70 salons nationwide, Essential Beauty has become a popular choice for those seeking professional beauty treatments in a friendly and welcoming environment.

The franchise offers various services, including waxing, piercing, tanning, and cosmetic tattooing, among others.

Essential Beauty also prides itself on its high hygiene and customer service standards, ensuring that every customer receives the best possible experience during their visit.

Essential Beauty offers comprehensive training and support to its franchisees as a franchise opportunity, as well as access to proven systems and processes that have helped the brand grow into its success today (source: Essential Beauty).

Tommy Gun's - Hair and Beauty Salon Franchise

Tommy Gun’s is a renowned barbershop chain in Australia that offers men a unique and upscale grooming experience.

With over 70 locations nationwide, the franchise has become a household name in the Australian market.

With a focus on traditional barbershop services, Tommy Gun’s offers haircuts, shaves, and other grooming services to customers across the country

The franchise prides itself on its high-quality service, premium products, and attention to detail.

With an established brand identity and solid customer base, Tommy Gun’s Franchise is an attractive investment opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter the grooming industry.

The franchise provides comprehensive training and support to its franchisees, ensuring they have all the tools they need to succeed in this competitive market.

They also have a transparent, straightforward franchise model – The Tommy Gun’s Franchise Fee is $30,000. 6% of your gross sales are collected as a royalty fee, and 2.5% is collected and redistributed towards brand development programs (source: Tommy Gun’s).

Oscar Oscar Salons - Hair and Beauty Salon Franchise

Oscar Oscar Salons is a well-established hairdressing franchise in Australia, with over 15 locations nationwide.

Founded in 1989 by Oscar Cullinan, the company is known for its high-quality services and exceptional customer experience.

Each salon features a team of highly skilled and experienced hairdressers who are trained in the latest techniques and trends.

The franchise model has been successful due to its focus on providing ongoing support to franchisees, including training, marketing, and operational support.

This allows franchisees to focus on delivering exceptional service to their clients while growing their business.

Quoting OSCAR CULLINAN, OWNER & DIRECTOR of Oscar Oscar Salons (source: Oscar Oscar) – “Celebrating over 30 years in business, we are continually looking for exceptional individuals that have the right attitude, enthusiasm, and commitment to embrace our brand culture and to become successful Oscar Oscar Salon entrepreneurs.

With a strong reputation and loyal customer base, Oscar Oscar Salons is a promising investment opportunity for those looking to enter the Australian hairdressing market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hair & Beauty Salon Franchises:

What are the benefits of owning a hair salon franchise?

Owning a hair salon franchise can offer several benefits to entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses.

Some of the key advantages of owning a hair salon franchise include:

  1. Established brand recognition
  2. Proven business model
  3. Training and support
  4. Access to marketing resources
  5. Group purchasing power

Overall, owning a hair salon franchise can be a smart choice for entrepreneurs who want to own their business while benefiting from an established brand, proven business model, and ongoing support.

What is a hair salon franchise, and how does it work?

A hair salon franchise is a business model in which a company (franchisor) grants the right to operate a salon under its brand name and business model to an individual or group of individuals (franchisee).

The franchisee pays the franchisor an initial fee and ongoing royalties in exchange for access to the franchisor’s brand, products, services, training, and support.

Which type of hair salon franchise would be good for me to start my own business?

When considering which type of hair salon franchise to start, it is vital to research.

It evaluates several factors, such as the brand reputation, business model, startup costs, training and support, and market demand.

Some popular hair salon franchises include the names listed in the article.

Each of these franchises offers different business models and target markets, so assessing which one aligns with your goals and preferences is essential.

What is a hair salon franchise?

A hair salon franchise is a business model in which a franchisor grants the right to use its brand name, products, and services to a franchisee, who then operates its own hair salon under the franchisor’s guidance and support.

In exchange for using the brand name and other resources provided by the franchisor, the franchisee pays an initial fee and ongoing royalties to the franchisor.

How much does it cost to open a hair salon franchise?

The cost of opening a hair salon franchise can vary widely depending on the specific franchise brand, location, size, and other factors.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay a franchise fee ranging from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands or more.

In addition to the franchise fee, you must factor in the cost of real estate, equipment and supplies, staffing, marketing and advertising, insurance, and other expenses associated with setting up and running a business.

Opening a hair salon franchise could cost anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 or more.
It is essential to thoroughly research and evaluate different franchise options before deciding so that you have a clear understanding of the costs and requirements involved.

What are some of the other top hair and beauty salons in Australia?

Some of Australia’s Top Hair and Beauty Salons include names like Toni & Guy, Just Cuts, Price Attack, Barbershop Express, and Essential Beauty Franchising.

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