12 Famous Burger Franchises in Australia

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Australia has a thriving fast-food industry, with numerous burger franchises operating nationwide.

These food franchises offer a range of burgers and cater to different tastes and preferences.

With a wide range of options, burger franchises have become a staple in the Australian food industry.

From classic fast-food chains to more upscale gourmet burger restaurants, there is something for everyone.

Australia is home to some of the world’s most popular and successful burger franchises, and the industry continues to grow.

According to recent statistics from Australia, approximately 90,309 franchised businesses are operating in the country, employing 514,761 individuals. (Source: Global Franchise)

These include well-known international brands such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Hungry Jack’s, known as Burger King and successful domestic chains that can compete with even the most prominent international players.

Burgers have long been a favourite among Australians, especially during the fast-food boom of the mid-to-late 20th century.

But in recent years, boutique burger restaurants saw a surge in popularity, establishing themselves as a significant player in the Australian food industry.

The food sector is crucial to Australia’s economic and social well-being, contributing approximately 20% of the country’s manufacturing sales and service income. (Source: Agriculture.Gov)

These specialised burger joints offer a unique take on the traditional fast-food burger, focusing on high-quality, fresh ingredients and creative flavour combinations.

With the rise in demand for gourmet burgers, these famous Australian restaurant chains have become a staple of the food scene and show no signs of slowing down.

With valuable insights into the burger industry in the country, let’s dive into our list of the top 12 burger franchises in Australia.

Hungry Jack - Famous Burger Franchises in Australia

Number of Franchises: 440+

Headquarters: New South Wales, Australia

Founded in: 1971

Franchise Cost: $225,000

Hungry Jack’s Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Competitive Foods Australia, a privately held company owned by Jack Cowin.

It is the master franchise for Burger King in Australia, managing all Burger King/Hungry Jack’s restaurants in the country.

As the master restaurant franchise, the company is responsible for opening its stores, licensing new operators, and maintaining standards in all franchised locations.

With over 400 locations across Australia, Hungry Jack’s is the second-largest franchise of Burger King globally and a major player in the fast-food industry.

The company is committed to providing customers with high-quality food and excellent service, making it a popular choice for many Aussies. (Source: Wikipedia)

Oporto - Famous Burger Franchises in Australia

Number of Franchises: 180

Headquarters: St Leonards, Australia

Founded in: 1986

Franchise Cost: $350,000 – $700,000 (Source: Oporto)

Oporto Holdings is a subsidiary of Craveable Brands and operates as a fast-food franchise in Australia and New Zealand.

The brand also happens to be a well-known chicken franchise in Australia.

The company specialises in serving Portuguese-style chicken and burgers to its customers. It was founded in 1986 by António Cerqueira, an Australian of Portuguese descent, and originally started as “Portuguese Style Bondi Charcoal Chicken.”

However, it later adopted the name “Oporto” in honour of Cerqueira’s favourite football team, FC Porto.

The company has since become a well-known and popular fast-food chain in Australia and New Zealand, offering a unique twist on traditional food items. (Source: Wikipedia)

Grill'd - Famous Burger Franchises in Australia

Number of Franchises: 150

Headquarters: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Founded in: 2004

Franchise Cost: $555,590 – $885,700

Grill’d is a multinational casual dining chain known for its healthy burgers. 

It was established in 2004 in Melbourne, Australia, by Simon Crowe and has grown to over 150 restaurants globally.

In 2006, Grill’d had over 30 locations in Melbourne. 

The company operates a program called Local Matters.

Grill’d has become a popular destination for people looking for a tasty meal that is also good for them.

The company prides itself on using quality ingredients, including grass-fed and free-range beef and lamb, RSPCA-approved chicken, and plant-based options like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods.

Grill’d also offer unique menu items such as an Emu & Kangaroo burger, a Bunny Burger made with rabbit, and Healthy Fried Chicken. (Source: Wikipedia)

Burger Urge - Famous Burger Franchises in Australia

Number of Franchises: 27

Headquarters: Queensland, Australia

Founded in: 2007

Franchise Cost: $250,000 – $500,000

Burger Urge is a well-known gourmet burger chain in Australia focusing on high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

Founded in 2007 by brothers Sean and Colby Carthew, the chain began as a small local restaurant in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Over the years, the chain has grown and expanded, with multiple locations across the country. 

Burger Urge’s menu is diverse and features a variety of burgers, wings, fries, salads, and other sides.

The chain also considers dietary restrictions, offering options for vegans and those with gluten allergies.

In addition to food, Burger Urge offers a range of beverages, including craft beers and cider, tap beer, milkshakes, and soft drinks.

With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Burger Urge has become popular among burger lovers in Australia.

Carl's Jr - Famous Burger Franchises in Australia

Number of Franchises: 300

Headquarters: Tennessee, U.S.

Founded in: 1941

Franchise Cost: $1,607,000 – $2,194,500

Carl’s Jr. is an American fast-food chain with franchisees in various countries worldwide, including North & South America, Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa.

The company, operated by CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc., has been listed as No. 54 on Entrepreneur’s Top Franchise 500 list, which ranks the overall financial strength, stability, and growth rate. (Source: Wikipedia)

Carl’s Jr. is known for its big, juicy burgers made with premium ingredients, including 100% Angus beef, fresh lettuce and tomato, and melted cheese.

The menu also includes breakfast items, salads, sides, and desserts, making it a popular choice for families, friends, and burger lovers of all ages.

Since entering the Australian market in 2016, Carl’s Jr. has rapidly expanded its presence.

The company’s debut restaurant in Bateau Bay, New South Wales, marked the beginning of a journey to bring its iconic burgers to the Australian public. (Source: QSR Magazine)

With its commitment to quality, taste, and value, Carl’s Jr. has established itself as a leading player in the fast-food industry.

Carl’s Jr. has something for everyone, whether you’re in the mood for a classic burger or something a little more adventurous.

Milky Lane - Famous Burger Franchises in Australia

Number of Franchises: 14+

Headquarters: New South Wales, Australia

Founded in: 2016

Franchise Cost: $700,000 (Source: Commercial Real Estate)

Milky Lane is a unique and iconic fast-food restaurant that serves juicy burgers and over-the-top desserts and is famous for its excellent cocktails.

Founded in 2016, the restaurant quickly became a go-to destination for delicious food and good times.

In addition to its delicious menu offerings, Milky Lane is also known for its strong urban vibe.

Each location features show-stopping artwork and local D.J.s, who keep the beats going until late.

Since its inception in 2016, Milky Lane has been dedicated to developing a unique and profitable business model. (Source: Milky Lane)

The company has worked tirelessly to create a brand that stands out from the competition and offers a memorable dining experience for its customers.

To achieve this, Milky Lane has implemented various strategies that differentiate it from other casual dining chains. (Source: Milky Lane)

Five Guys - Famous Burger Franchises in Australia

Number of Franchises: 3

Headquarters: Virginia, United States

Founded in: 1986

Franchise Cost: $381,200 – $716,250

Five Guys is a fast-food restaurant chain founded in 1986 by Janie and Jerry Murrell. The couple’s four sons, Jim, Matt, Chad, and Ben, were the original “Five Guys” and are still involved in the business today. (Source: Wikipedia)

The first Five Guys restaurant was in Arlington, Virginia, followed by additional locations in Old Town Alexandria and Springfield, Virginia.

In 2002, the Murrells decided to franchise their concept and began working with Fransmart, a franchise sales organisation, to expand the business.

Five Guys operates in numerous countries worldwide, bringing its famous burgers and hand-cut fries to customers. (Source: Wikipedia)

The company’s rapid international growth is a testament to its popularity and the success of its business model.

Five Guys is known for its high-quality ingredients, made-to-order burgers, and friendly, casual atmosphere, making it a favourite among customers everywhere.

McDonald's Australa logo

Number of Franchises – 920

Headquarters – Illinois, United States

 Founded in –1955

 Franchise Cost – $1,314,500 and $2,306,500  (Source: Investopedia)

McDonald’s Corporation, a fast food chain that originated in San Bernardino, California, in 1940 as a small restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald. 

After renaming their establishment as a hamburger stand, they eventually expanded the business as a franchise. 

In 1953, the Golden Arches logo was introduced in Phoenix, Arizona.

Later, a businessman named Ray Kroc joined the company in 1955 as a franchise agent and purchased the chain from the McDonald brothers. (Source: Wikipedia)

McDonald’s previous headquarters were in Oak Brook, Illinois, but in June 2018, they relocated their global headquarters to Chicago. 

As of 2021, McDonald’s serves more than 69 million customers daily in over 100 countries through its 40,000 outlets, making it the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue. (Source: Wikipedia)

While McDonald’s is recognized for its hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and french fries, they offer other menu options such as chicken, fish, fruit, and salads.

Huxtaburger Australia logo

Number of Franchises – 9

Headquarters – Victoria, Australia

Founded in –2011

Franchise Cost – Undisclosed

 Huxtaburger is a renowned burger brand that originated in Melbourne, Australia.

The brand was founded by a team of entrepreneurs who had previously run a successful, one-hatted restaurant called Huxtable.

In late 2011, they launched the first Huxtaburger store in Collingwood with a clear mission: to make the best burgers in Melbourne.

Over the years, Huxtaburger has become a cult brand, loved by burger fans all over the country. 

With nine restaurants spread across Victoria, Western Australia, and New South Wales, Huxtaburger has made a national footprint and set its sights on a new goal: to make the best burgers in Australia. 

At the heart of Huxtaburger’s success is a commitment to quality and expertise in everything they do. 

Their juicy burgers are made with the finest ingredients and complemented by various irresistible sides, signature fried chicken, and house sauces.

The menu is designed to create happiness through taste, and the brand is known for pushing the burger boundaries, following its gut, and bringing passion and personality to the table. 

Huxtaburger also prides itself on being an all-inclusive brand that embraces diversity.

They proudly stand beside their customers and the causes they care about, which is evident in how they engage with their local communities.

Whether you’re a burger fan or simply looking for a delicious meal, Huxtaburger is a brand that delivers quality and taste every time.


KFC - Famous Burger Franchises in Australia

Number of Franchises: 610

Headquarters: Kentucky, United States

Founded in: 1952

Franchise Cost: $255,600 – $3,163,550

KFC is an American fast-food chain specialising in fried chicken. It is the world’s second-largest restaurant chain after McDonald’s, with locations in 150 countries as of 2019. (Source: Wikipedia)

The company is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, which also owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

KFC was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders, an entrepreneur who started selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky, during the Great Depression. (Source: Analytics Steps)

Sanders franchised his restaurant concept; the first franchise opened in Utah in 1952. (Source: Wikipedia)

KFC popularised chicken in the fast-food industry and offers a variety of menu items such as sandwiches, wraps, finger foods, and sides.

The company’s largest supplier of sauces, seasonings and marinades is McCormick & Company, a long-term partner in new product development.

Red Rooster - Famous Burger Franchises in Australia

Number of Franchises: 345

Headquarters: Chatswood, Australia

Founded in: 1972

Franchise Cost – $400,000 – $800,000 (Source: Redrooster)
Red Rooster is an Australian fast-food chain known for its roast chicken, burgers, and fried chicken.

They offer a variety of menu items, including whole and half roasts, wraps, burgers, salads, beverages, and desserts. (Source: Red rooster)

It is owned by the parent company Craveable Brands, which also owns Oporto and Chicken Treat.

As of 2012, there are over 360 Red Rooster locations throughout Australia, except for Tasmania. (Source: Wikipedia)

In 2019, seven Red Rooster stores on the Sunshine Coast closed due to concerns about the franchise model’s focus on poultry and ability to adapt to new consumer trends.

In 1986, Coles Myer bought the Big Rooster chain to expand into the eastern states, renaming Red Rooster stores. (Source: Wikipedia)

The chain still operates in Papua New Guinea under the name Big Rooster. In 2002, Red Rooster was purchased by Australian Fast Foods, which also owned the competing Chicken Treat chain. (Source: Red rooster)

PATTYSMITHS Premium Burgers - Famous Burger Franchises in Australia

Number of Franchises: 37

Headquarters: Flemington, Australia

Founded in: 2018

Franchise Cost: $250,000 – $300,000 (Source: Profitable Venture)

Pattysmiths entered the competitive burger scene in 2018 by opening its first restaurant in Melbourne, Victoria. (Source: LinkedIn)

The brand has seen remarkable growth in just a few short years and operates over 30 locations across Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory.

This rapid expansion is a testament to the popularity of the brand and its commitment to providing a premium dining experience for its customers.

Pattysmiths is a true innovator in the premium burger market, which has experienced substantial growth in recent years.
As consumers become more discerning in their dining choices, they seek high-quality burgers, shakes, and sides that are made fresh to order and served in an excellent, relaxed environment. (Source: LinkedIn)

With its focus on using only the finest ingredients and delivering an exceptional dining experience, Pattysmiths has quickly become a favourite among burger lovers everywhere.
Whether you’re looking for a classic cheeseburger or something a little more adventurous, Pattysmiths has something to suit every taste. (Source: LinkedIn)

Final Thoughts

The Australian fast-food market is home to numerous burger franchises, each offering its unique flavour, dining experience, and menu options.

From classic chains like Hungry Jack to premium options like Pattysmiths, there is a burger franchise for everyone in Australia.

With the growth of the fast-food industry and the increasing demand for quick, convenient, and delicious meals, these franchises have become a staple in the Australian market, providing job opportunities and generating economic growth.

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