We are all about sharing entrepreneurial resources with you. Resources – we think can help you become better entrepreneurs.

With us, you can expect to get answer to any question you might have. Most importantly, you can use our website to upgrade your skills by learning from our past experiences and journey.

We promise to help you sail through your entrepreneurial journey by providing you with the right (if not the best) advice.

You will love us for our honesty and the experience we get on this website.

Success stories we love sharing..

We love funded companies but our core values revolve around building successful ventures from scratch by bootstrapping and trust us, we have some interesting success stories to share about growing bootstrapped businesses.


Being run by..

Lessons At Startup is run by two entrepreneurs who have had their share of failures and are here to show you the right path to success which is obviously not “Get funded fast and fail fast”.

How we started?

A quick glimpse into our journey, our screw-ups and what was actually learnt from it!

Starting a startup is never easy.

It’s a 24 X 7 job where you learn on the job.

Most of the learnings are screw-ups you do. Most of the experiences are the stories you tell others about the screw ups you did.

And well – That’s the life of an Entrepreneur.

From day one, you are expected to know HR, Marketing, sales, etc, etc.

You must be wondering; why do we need to know everything when there are resources to hire for every domain in the market?

Well. Until and unless, you have a VC with deep pockets or a rich dad willing to splurge on his kid’s adventures, I highly recommend you learn to don all hats of running a business.

From wiping office floors (I have done this when our sweeper did not turn up for 5 good days) to running HR department of my company (toughest department to handle), you have to do it all.

I cannot tell you how many times I have failed by not learning to get out of my shell. There was a time, I literally went broke because of bad financial management.

Not that I am a millionaire now but i have enough to pay the bills (don’t ask me how much is the money i spend on bills…You, the social media generation is too intrusive ;).

We started lessons at startup, to cut all the B.S and teach you the simple art of running a business, startup or whatever new jazzy word you want to call them.

For us – Entrepreneurship is fun. The challenges here are nothing in comparison to what you face in your day to day jobs. We hope you find the resources on Lessons At Startup fun.

Welcome to Lessons at Startup!