Entrepreneurship Journey!

I am a blogger based out of Melbourne and Lessons At Startup is a blog I started a couple of years back to share startup and small business stories!

The Journey so far...

My entrepreneurial journey started at the age of 25 with an IT Company based out of India.

For the next 12 years, I, along with my business partner, bootstrapped our company into a 60 employee company with a decent tunrover (i am not writing the number for you guys :)).

In between, I also ran an e-commerce company, helped my dad in running liquor shops and hotel, ran a digital marketing agency and a digital training company where we trained corporate and entrepreneurs on leveraging digital marketing to grow their business.

And then one fine day, I turned into a monk who sold his Ferrari in my case ‘scooter’ because that’s what my entrepreneurial salary could get me(bad joke :)) and decided to quit.

Idea was to do a complete refresh and start afresh. Along came the PR to the Oz Land!

And here i am in the Oz Land…

What do I do now?

I am a retired entrepreneur who works as a PM and consultant (well…they couldn’t find a suitable job for an entrepreneur, so I settled for the one with a less fancy title and decent money :)).

Having spent my childhood (the mid-20s to mid-30s) building a company, I have decided to take a break from entrepreneurship and be a corporate slave until I find my ‘calling’ again’.

So till I enjoy my ‘less stressful’ days as a corporate guy – I will keep you all entertained with stories from my entrepreneurship days (old is gold) and some latest stories from the world of startups and small businesses from across the globe.

From the 'broken' desk of edit-or!

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