How Banks can help your Startup grow

The Banks are an indispensable part of startups and small businesses. They give us loans in our country. If we are lucky, they do give us unsecured business loans for startup in India. When we started our venture, banks for me was a place where client sent their money...
The Dark side of Entrepreneurship

The Dark side of Entrepreneurship

One of my close friends convinced me to start my first venture. I was so intrigued by what is Entrepreneurship that I left a decent paying cushiony job as a programmer to test the waters of Entrepreneurship. Trust me. All the fuss about Entrepreneurs makes starting...
Can Entrepreneur afford “Comfort Zones”?

Can Entrepreneur afford “Comfort Zones”?

 “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch What is a Comfort Zone? Brown describes it as “Where our uncertainty, scarcity and vulnerability are minimized — where we believe we’ll have access to enough love, food, talent, time,...
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