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How our “unplanned” Startup Started

Do we need to plan before starting our first business venture (startup) ? I see so many good ideas stay at the stage of ideas, as the founders of the idea are busy planning“the next big thing”. They never get to the stage of execution. Are plans overrated? If you ask me today, I will say no. They are an indispensable part of any business (small or big). They help you to grow your company based on milestones. You lose vision of what your company’s targets are. Had you asked me this same question 8 year back, I would...

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My Expectation from Startup India

Mr. Modi, the incumbent PM of India has decided to give a push to the economy of the country via an unconventional route called as Startup India. I am glad, if not ecstatic. The talk of town “startups” is finally the talk of “Government”. The same Startups, which give immensely to our economy finally get the attention of our government. I can very well go back and drop my first article Why not to start a startup? With the incentives offered through startup India, we all can start a startup. I am no more a cynic. The country has now turned...

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Why not to start a startup?

So you want to break free from the shackles of a 9 to 9 job? (yeah.9 to 9 because 9 to 6 had become a mythological job long time back) A job where you are made to slog endlessly working for a tyrant boss, who does not give two hoots about the hard work you put into making the company a success. Is it time for you to start your own startup? Nope. Take a deep breath. Confront the tyrant. Think again on why you need to start a startup. Think again because starting a startup or small business...

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