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My Expectation from Startup India

Mr. Modi, the incumbent PM of India has decided to give a push to the economy of the country via an unconventional route called as Startup India. I am glad, if not ecstatic. The talk of town “startups” is finally the talk of “Government”. The same Startups, which give immensely to our economy finally get the attention of our government. I can very well go back and drop my first article Why not to start a startup? With the incentives offered through startup India, we all can start a startup. I am no more a cynic. The country has now turned...

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Why not to start a startup?

So you want to break free from the shackles of a 9 to 9 job? (yeah.9 to 9 because 9 to 6 had become a mythological job long time back) A job where you are made to slog endlessly working for a tyrant boss, who does not give two hoots about the hard work you put into making the company a success. Is it time for you to start your own startup? Nope. Take a deep breath. Confront the tyrant. Think again on why you need to start a startup. Think again because starting a startup or small business...

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