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Startups! Don’t Over-Sell your Service

The sales guy in a Startup has the most difficult job in the world. You have to convince the prospective customers to buy from a company, which is new in the market. Every customer you pitch your service/product to has their own set of apprehensions. They do not want to buy from a company which might shut its office tomorrow. Add to it, the possibility of your company’s information getting misused in the market. Do customers overreact at times? No, they don’t. Do a little research. You will read stories of client’s losing money, time to the “game changer” startups....

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How to Start a Startup?

You have a million dollar in your bank account. The type of money any startup business would die to have. The million dollar question is “Is this money the only prerequisite to starting your business?”. I am sent a lot of A2A on quora (my Quora profile) where I am asked “I have 100K USD which business can I start or Can I start a business with 1 million USD?. The ones asking the question at least have some money to base their question on. The others are too generic with questions like “I want to start my business. What...

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Why every Startup should celebrate Net neutrality’s win?

Yesterday TRAI in a decision decided to show the door to Facebook’s baby “free basics”. The Net Neutrality debate was on for a long time. The decision comes as a shot in the arm for those supporting Net Neutrality. Mr. Zuckerberg must be a disappointed man. His sinister plan to control the internet in the disguise of free internet has taken a step back. Net Neutrality Defined: “Fee Internet by Free Basics”. The day I read about this plan from Facebook, I knew something was fishy. So many free-s do not roam together for free. Irrespective of how hard Facebook tried to sell the “We were trying to change the world” shit, I knew how much they wanted to get free users in disguise of public service. “Free basics” was anything but free for end users. It was an internet plan which allowed users to use the internet free of cost. The word “Free Internet” consisted of few websites approved by the social media giant. i.e, if I use free basics, I only get to browse the websites offered by the seller of free basics “Facebook”. Those of you who always wondered, where does Facebook make so much money from? You need to look at those ads on the right-hand side of your Facebook wall or sponsored ads in the middle of your Facebook wall. Facebook earns because of ads. It is all a number game for them....

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How our “unplanned” Startup Started

Do we need to plan before starting our first business venture (startup) ? I see so many good ideas stay at the stage of ideas, as the founders of the idea are busy planning“the next big thing”. They never get to the stage of execution. Are plans overrated? If you ask me today, I will say no. They are an indispensable part of any business (small or big). They help you to grow your company based on milestones. You lose vision of what your company’s targets are. Had you asked me this same question 8 year back, I would...

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My Expectation from Startup India

Mr. Modi, the incumbent PM of India has decided to give a push to the economy of the country via an unconventional route called as Startup India. I am glad, if not ecstatic. The talk of town “startups” is finally the talk of “Government”. The same Startups, which give immensely to our economy finally get the attention of our government. I can very well go back and drop my first article Why not to start a startup? With the incentives offered through startup India, we all can start a startup. I am no more a cynic. The country has now turned...

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