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How 3 Outsourcing mistakes led to Closure of my Startup

Rank My leader was my dream startup. The single platform to allow all political leaders to be evaluated real-time based on news. The web portal failed because of some blunders I did while outsourcing almost all work of the portal. There are books written on how to outsource smartly. Benefits of Outsourcing. Tips to outsource, etc, etc but when outsourcing goes bad, the business built with the help of outsourcing is bound to go south. The pros and cons of IT outsourcing are widely debated. I outsourced most of my work via upwork. The cons outnumber pros of Outsourcing. The...

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3 Reasons Why Startups should Bootstrap

Indian Startups had a stormy start to 2016. The Unicorn startup in Indian Startup Space, Flipkart was de-valuated by few investors. This was followed by closure of another famous grocery delivery service PepperTap. (what went wrong with Indian startups in last 1 year) The lessons from the storm were many. But there was none stronger than the most fundamental rule of startups. “Startups should bootstrap. Get some traction and then get an Investor”. Burning Cash on Customer acquisition maniacally will lead your startup anywhere. Our Startups forgot the basic fundamental of business. Hence, the turmoil. For a startup, Bootstrapping...

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Can Entrepreneur afford “Comfort Zones”?

 “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch What is a Comfort Zone? Brown describes it as “Where our uncertainty, scarcity and vulnerability are minimized — where we believe we’ll have access to enough love, food, talent, time, admiration. Where we feel we have some control.” (source :  How is Comfort Zone created in the professional world? Our professional lives make us perfect in what we do. Programmers code | Sales guys sell | Accountants handle accounting. The whole routine of our professional life is repetitive and to an extent mundane. Inadvertently, without us realizing we start living...

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Top 10 reasons why most new businesses and Startups Fail?

The recent failure of PepperTap is a wake-up call for the Startup community in India. The question on everyone’s mind is “what went wrong with Pepper Tap?”. They had the best of talent (IIM-Ahmedabad) as co-founders. They were funded by some of the best-known Investors. They were in a market touted as the next big thing in Indian Industry. They had the combo of “money-brain-market” at their disposal. So what led to the failure of PepperTap? Was it inability to raise more funds or bad management decisions?’ Was the last one year, The year of Indian Startup Failures? Most of the...

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List of Failed Startups in India in 2016

In last few months, VC-backed Indian startup companies have finally come face to face with harsh realities of the startup world. The exponential growth, they claimed while taking funds from VCs had made way for a negative growth. Predictably, there is a huge cut in funding by VCs. Some had to scale down operations. Others had to shut shop. The list of failed startups in India 2016 could very well be a show where all top failed startups can walk the ramp displaying the amount of money they have tanked. In the 2016 startup world where terms like GMV...

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