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Startup or MNC? You are not the only one who is confused

The arrival of startups: A few years back, Outsourcing made the world took notice of Indian companies. Foreigners respected us for our “techie” brains. We were no more from the land of snake charmers and farmers. The wave changed the landscape of some of the sleeping cities like Gurgaon overnight. The likes of Gurgaon were now the satellite cities of the country. The sprawling farmlands had made way for swanky glass buildings. It was around 2011, India saw for the first time – ad of an e-commerce website on TV. E-commerce, which was already a successful trend had entered...

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My Startup Eureka moment is here

Years after running a conventional business, we finally decide to get “innovative”. After trying a series of ideas for a small business, we have finally zeroed in on an innovative startup small business idea. I can now proudly gloat at the top of my voice “I am soon going to start a startup”. You might be wondering where is all this heading to? Let me give you a little background on what I do to earn my bread and butter. I run a software company. In fact, I walk a software company. If I was running the company, I...

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Are you ready for a Business Partner?

When you are starting a new business, you are always in two minds with starting a business with a partner or without one. There are advantages and disadvantages of partnership business. I have had startups/businesses which closed due to the stupidity of partners and my ever-reliable source of income, my only business which has survived all storms (and is going from strength to strength) has a business partner, who undoubtedly has outshined all my achievements in last few years. How did I find a business partner? Well! I went out on the road looking for a business partner holding a...

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How well do you know your numbers?

“Know your numbers’ is a fundamental precept of a business ~ Bill gates” You have the idea. You have the passion. A solid technical know-how of how to make your product. You know you are just inches away from disrupting the market with your idea. You know the steps to start your own small business. Time to take the plunge? Wait! How well do you know your numbers? (Please do not call me a party spoiler. I know I asked a question before you could just hit “launch” button on your screen) Since I have already stopped your startup...

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How Difficult is the Transition From Employee to Entrepreneur?

The most difficult part of being a first-time entrepreneur who has just quit a job is to get out of the “employee” mold. Just a few days back, you were busy working in a specific role as per the KRA provided to you. Suddenly, you are in a role where there is no clear definition of what you have to do. Add to the above, the challenge of getting out of Employee vs Entrepreneur mindset. What it takes to be an Entrepreneur for an Employee is the transition of mindset. Obviously, the transition is easier said than done. In...

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