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How well do you know your numbers?

“Know your numbers’ is a fundamental precept of a business ~ Bill gates” You have the idea. You have the passion. A solid technical know-how of how to make your product. You know you are just inches away from disrupting the market with your idea. You know the steps to start your own small business. Time to take the plunge? Wait! How well do you know your numbers? (Please do not call me a party spoiler. I know I asked a question before you could just hit “launch” button on your screen) Since I have already stopped your startup...

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How difficult is the transition from Employee to Entrepreneur?

The most difficult part of being a first-time entrepreneur who has just quit a job is to get out of the “employee” mold. Just a few days back, you were busy working in a specific role as per the KRA provided to you. Suddenly, you are in a role where there is no clear definition of what you have to do. How do you get out Employee versus Entrepreneur mindset is another challenge. What it takes to be an Entrepreneur for an Employee is the transition of mindset. Obviously, the transition is easier said than done. In my first...

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4 Least Favorite Startup Hiring Tips

What is the favorite startup hiring tip you received from your mentor? From what I heard, read, analyzed and learned, the favorite startup hiring tips shared by all “Entrepreneur – HR Managers” are: Share your vision of success Hire the best in business Don’t compromise on quality Groom the talent Hire multi-taskers Blah-2 I have been a part of multiple startups. (most of them failures. Now, how many times do I have to repeat it 🙂 . It has become such a mundane thing to write this again and again. The next time someone wants to join me? My...

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How to choose the right Business Entity for your Startup

Almost every new entrepreneur I meet is confused about the type of business entity they should register their startups as. We rely on the advice of our CA and tax advocates to guide us through the process. There are times, the advice of the “learned” Advisors might be just opposite to what your business actually needs. My first venture was registered as a proprietorship firm. I still remember my CA advising me to start a proprietorship firm and then register a private limited or a LLC, once the business has picked off well. When I look back, I can say with confidence “It...

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Why are the Startups targeting “the 15 billion Dollar” food ordering Industry struggling?

Food Panda’s investors Rocket Internet have been struggling to find a buyer for the startup. The rumors (do we still trust them? 🙂  ) are, there are no buyers even at a price of USD 10 million. Yes. You read it right. The same startup which raised USD 300 million a year back is on sale at a price tag which is 30 times less than the last funding they received. The story is shocking, as Food Panda had acquired Just Eat’s (a uk based startup) India operations  and Tasty Khana sometime back. Tiny owl’s story is a stuff of...

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