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The Purpose of Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)

The purpose of Entrepreneurship development programme (EDP) is to develop skills Entrepreneurship development programme or EDP as they are popularly referred as are the programmes running across the country by govt owned bodies and private organizations. Recently, our digital marketing training wing of company tied up with a govt enterprise to provide these programs in digital marketing and other fields like IT Enabled services, etc. In every class, I get am asked questions like: What is EDP in Entrepreneurship? What is entrepreneurship development programme? What do you mean by entrepreneurship development programme? What are the objectives of entrepreneurship development...

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How to quickly get Rich?

The best questions are reserved for the end of the show. Why wouldn’t they be? The show is about to end. The host will walk away will the ticket’s money you paid him and you are left wondering “Was the show a Paisa Vasool?”. I have not been doing shows but conducting digital marketing workshops. Yes. I have graduated to the next level of becoming a trainer after slogging so many years in a career, which has seen me don multiple hats. The sales person, marketing head, project coordinator, HR Head are just a few of the designations I...

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The Businessmen of yesteryears v/s Entrepreneurs of Today

How do you identify an entrepreneur today? Is he/she the one who raised millions of dollars in funding and is running a loss-making business? Or is he/she the one who has invested the last penny in their savings to fund their dream? or is he/she the one, who has failed multiple ventures and now goes with the designation “Serial Entrepreneur”? The word entrepreneur is so common today that the ones who call themselves businesswoman or businessman are just considered the poor cousins of “Entrepreneur”. They are so old school. They are so out of fashion. Everyone you meet today...

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Why Crowdfunding does not work in India?

What exactly is Crowdfunding? In layman language, crowdfunding is a concept where a lot of people commit money to a venture or a project to raise a target amount of money in a stipulated time frame. i.e. rather than relying on one individual to fund the project we get a lot of people (crowd) come together to fund the idea/project. The concept is simple. For ex, you need 3,00,000 INR to start a venture or Startup. You have few people who are willing to fund you with money ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 INR. You go and ask all...

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Why your initial days of startup never work out the way you plan

Starting a new business venture is a challenge. You as an Entrepreneur are always in shortage of time, money, resources. I am witnessing the most common business problems faced by new ventures while working with 3 new ventures. One of the ventures is a Digital Marketing Agency started by me (The Sharp Brain). The other is an e-commerce company (Manja Box) selling curated home décor and utility items and the third is a mobile app gaming company (Grandeur Apps). I am leading one. Investing and mentoring the second and providing business consultation to the third. In between, my product...

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