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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly from year 2017

I am living up to the expectations of being a “failed” Serial Entrepreneur. I have failed one startup every year in some form or the other. By the time I am 50 (if I survive Delhi’s pollution) I should have around 25 failed startups under my belt. Now, that’s one achievement you would not want to have. One for every year, since I started my entrepreneurial journey 😊 Again, as usual – our core business helped us survive this stormy year. Here is what was – good, bad and ugly from the year 2017 for me. The Good: Around...

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Lessons learned from a failed e-commerce venture

10 years is a long time. That’s the amount of time I have spent with my current surviving venture. In between, I have been a part of multiple ventures as a consultant, partner, co-founder, etc, etc. One of those recent ventures was an online store which was a completely new industry for me. Why ecommerce? Well…The whole country has been crazy about ecommerce for last few years. Everyone wants to buy online. The big boys in the industry are spending a fortune there. Although the craziness has come down a few notches (after multiple ecommerce stores shut down or...

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How to Raise Funds for Startup?

Raising funds is one of the toughest things to do when you start a startup or a small business. If your business is a car, money is the fuel. The car just does not move without money. “How to raise funds for startup in India”, “How to get funding for startup” or similar fund-raising questions are the ones, I am asked to answer a lot on Quora. I thought of combining all my answers into a single blog so that its easier for me to give my blog’s link in future (helps me from being repetitive). The lack of money...

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The Purpose of Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)

The purpose of Entrepreneurship development programme (EDP) is to develop skills Entrepreneurship development programme or EDP as they are popularly referred as are the programmes running across the country by govt owned bodies and private organizations. Recently, our digital marketing training wing of company tied up with a govt enterprise to provide these programs in digital marketing and other fields like IT Enabled services, etc. In every class, I get am asked questions like: What is EDP in Entrepreneurship? What is entrepreneurship development programme? What do you mean by entrepreneurship development programme? What are the objectives of entrepreneurship development...

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How to quickly get Rich?

The best questions are reserved for the end of the show. Why wouldn’t they be? The show is about to end. The host will walk away will the ticket’s money you paid him and you are left wondering “Was the show a Paisa Vasool?”. I have not been doing shows but conducting digital marketing workshops. Yes. I have graduated to the next level of becoming a trainer after slogging so many years in a career, which has seen me don multiple hats. The sales person, marketing head, project coordinator, HR Head are just a few of the designations I...

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