About me:

Hi, I am Jasmeet. I am an entrepreneur who started his entrepreneurial journey 7 years back after leaving my first and only job.

I have been a part of multiple startups till date. Some failures, some success.

Courtesy : www.themarketingsage.com

Courtesy : www.themarketingsage.com

Today I run an IT Services company with my partner in Delhi (India).

About Lessons At Startup:

Lessons at startup is a blog to share my real life experiences of building a startup.

Starting a startup is ever easy. Its 24 X 7 job where you learn by making mistakes. You are expected to know HR, Marketing, sales, etc, etc.

You must be wondering; why do we need to know everything when there are resources to hire for every domain in market? Well. Until and unless, you have a VC with deep pockets or a rich dad willing to splurge on his kid’s adventures, I highly recommend you learn to don all hats of running a business.

From wiping office floors (I have done this when our sweeper did not turn up for 5 good days) to running HR department of my company (toughest department to handle), i have done it all.

I cannot tell you how many times I have failed by not learning different aspects of business. There was a time, I literally went broke because of bad finance management. Not that I am a millionaire now 🙂

Other than the “free” advice on startups, I will share what I learn everyday via the omnipresent internet guru “Google”.

I meet so many lost souls in companies struggling in their day to day jobs. They remind me of monster’s ad where a batsman is shown washing clothes, a dancer is guiding a plane to taxi.

Most of them want to quit.

In fact, the first response when I tell them I run a software company is “You are still the boss”.

I wish I could tell them “Entrepreneurship is not easy. You have no idea about the number of days I have spent without a penny in my pocket”.

Irrespective of all challenges, remember Entrepreneurship is fun. The challenges here are nothing in comparison to what you face in your day to day jobs. I hope you find this blog as a helpful resource for building your Startup.

Welcome to Lessons at Startup!

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