The purpose of Entrepreneurship development programme (EDP) is to develop skills

Entrepreneurship development programme or EDP as they are popularly referred as are the programmes running across the country by govt owned bodies and private organizations.

Recently, our digital marketing training wing of company tied up with a govt enterprise to provide these programs in digital marketing and other fields like IT Enabled services, etc.

In every class, I get am asked questions like:

What is EDP in Entrepreneurship?

What is entrepreneurship development programme?

What do you mean by entrepreneurship development programme?

What are the objectives of entrepreneurship development programme?

What is the need for entrepreneurship development programme?

What do you mean by EDP?

We really do get a lot of enthusiastic entrepreneurs in our workshops.

They are great guys who are looking to change the world. Their energy level reminds me of my younger self. (I am just inches away from reaching the mid-30s)

Since I am bombarded with so many whats, I have decided to write a blog to address all the queries related to entrepreneurship development programme and how they can be beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship development programme

Let’s start with two basic questions:

What is EDP in Entrepreneurship Development Programme? And what do you mean by entrepreneurship development programme?

As the full form very much signifies, EDP is the acronym for entrepreneurship development programme. (isn’t that obvious 😊)

Well. entrepreneurship development programme (EDP) are there to help you develop skill sets in a field of work to help you become an Entrepreneur.

For example, we at present run 3 EDP programmes:

a. Digital Marketing (6-day course)

b. Social Media Marketing (2-day Bootcamp training).

c. Advanced 45/90-day digital marketing course.

The objective of our entrepreneurship programmes is to help develop the skill set of internet marketing in entrepreneurs.

The purpose is to make them aware of the latest digital marketing techniques and how they can use them to promote their business in an optimal and budgeted manner.

We teach them about blogging, content creation, etc, etc.

We understand most of the entrepreneurs bootstrap and are looking for cheap and reliable methods to promote their product/service and this is what our focus is throughout the programme.

We teach them how to use digital marketing to become smart entrepreneurs who can leverage the power of the internet to promote their product/service.

Again, our focus is to add a skill set to their existing set of skills which helps in their entrepreneurship journey.

Moving on to the next question.

What is the need for Entrepreneurship Development Programme?

Entrepreneurship Development Programme or EDPs as they are popularly referred to form the part of a set of teachings which can help entrepreneurs prepare for future.

And the good thing about these programmes is, they are run by experienced entrepreneurs who have been there. Failed there. Learnt there and are better entrepreneurs today because of what their entrepreneurship journey has taught them.

You get to hear from horse’s mouth.

And this horse speaks from experience. The horse(sorry trainer) can quickly tell you “what not to do” in the world of entrepreneurship.

Let’s take my example (don’t worry….I won’t’ write a long email praising my entrepreneurship abilities because there aren’t any).

I started my career as a software developer. I was living the great Indian IT dream where you get hired by an MNC as a software developer from college.

You slog few more years to somehow sneak into the USA to live the great American dream.

You get a green card and then you never come back.

That’s what most of my college buddies have done. Nothing wrong with that. Right?

Yes. It’s cool and they make it look cooler by posting their ultra-cool pics at the best of exotic locations in US of A. (I am Kind of Jealous 😉 )

The only difference now is they have Donald Trump spewing venom and creating a divide.

Precisely Speaking. The old ways of the great Indian IT Dream job are no more valid.

Anyways, getting back to where I was.

I quit in one year ( a decision I regret at times when the shit hits the roof in my ventures) and then went on a roller coaster ride (not an enjoyable one).

And it has been good 8 to 9 years since then.

Now the EDP conducted by me (where I am the horse (read trainer)) include a lot of things about my entrepreneurship journey.

Since I learnt digital marketing without any formal training, I encourage entrepreneurs to follow the steps I followed. Basically, I ask them to slog smartly.

I also teach them There is no formula to quickly get rich which at times disappoint a lot of them. They are like “Hey! We were here to learn how to quickly get rich”.

Now I start the workshop by clearly explaining everyone the objective, purpose of the programme.

Like me, there are others who are conducting EDP in their domain. For example, there are program ads I see in newspapers for bakery business, e-commerce, etc, etc.

I am quite sure the guys conducting the programs are the ones who have spent time learning the tricks of trade on the job and are an entrepreneur today because of their learnings.

This is what makes the EDP so interesting.

What are the objectives of Entrepreneurship Development Programme?

  1. To update the skill set of attendees.
  2. To teach attendee about entrepreneurship.
  3. To make the attendees understand the path they should take to be an entrepreneur.

In a nutshell, the objective is to develop their entrepreneurship skill.

Before you go to one of these programs, let’s get few things straight.

First is, no one is born an entrepreneur.

Yup. No one (even Bill Gate) was born an entrepreneur.

Secondly, no one amongst the top richest guys ever wanted to be the richest guy.

They all are what they are because they worked tenaciously, tirelessly to reach their goals.

They had the vision to build great products, companies, etc and they worked towards them.

So, when you go for the programs, never go with an expectation to get the formula to quickly earn money.

Believe me, there is no such formula.

If there was on, I would be the first one writing the same on my blog but, there is a method to get rich.

And that is what forms the part of your Entrepreneurship journey.

In this EDPs, the speakers usually take you through their entrepreneurship journeys.

They are usually candid (at least I am) about their failures. They talk about their success and try to address the important issues entrepreneurs face.

One of the points I usually address in EDP to teach entrepreneurs how to raise funds is, how they can raise funds using govt schemes.

How many of you know that government has schemes for entrepreneurs which can help them raise unsecured loan?

How many of you know SIDBI has been set up to help small and medium industries raise funds?

What I wrote above are few simple things which are available in public domain but for reasons unknown, we are oblivious to them.

With schemes like startup India trying to make our startup ecosystem better, we should feel better that govt at their end is at least taking some initiatives to help entrepreneurs in India.

EDP program conducted by govt departments are playing a huge role in skill development for entrepreneurs.

I hope I have addressed all your queries about EDP.

Anytime you are interested in one of the EDP programs, you can send me an email or you can anytime view the schedule of Entrepreneurship Development programs in Digital Marketing on our website.