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Welcome to Lessons At Startup!

In last 10+ years, I have worked with different businesses in different capacities as startup consultant, marketing consultant, business partner, small business management consultant, business startup consultant, founder, co-founder, financial planning consultant, etc. I know there are too many designations on the list.

But the work I did with all of them has been quite simple. I helped them streamline their startups and small businesses by helping them with various aspects of running a business. (my past failures came in quite handy in helping them make the right decisions).

There have been Failures and Successes.  At the end of the day, it is all a part of running a Startup and Small Business.


What started as a blog to share my startup journey has now turned into a Consulting Business for me.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your struggle, drop me an email and i can help you with advice, guidance for your startup or small business.

I provide small business/startup consulting to small and medium businesses.

You can expect me to help you:

  • In writing a Business Plan
  • Improving your Marketing and Sales
  • Streamlining Operations
  • Raise funds from banks under different Govt. Schemes

I work with a bunch of Consultants in different industries to ensure the Consulting Services offered by us are of the highest order.

Jasmeet was a pleasure to work with! Knowledgeable, timely, on-the-ball, very friendly and helped me organize and understand a lot around my business structure.

With a keen sense for markets and a great sense of humor, he helped me tackle market research in a more efficient way and assisted with how to communicate to my audience. He even went out of his way, on his own time to research things for me as well. I really appreciate all the help Jasmeet and will look to you for help in the future! Great working with you!

Misho Milicevic

Founder & CEO, Grandeur Apps, Canada

Startups I have Mentored!

Are you interested in learning “Hows and Whys of turning into an Entrepreneur”


I teach Affordable Methods of Marketing to Startups and Small Business Owners covering topics like “How to Build a Financial Plan?, How to start a Freelancing Career? and How to Bootstrap a Company?”

Here are few videos from our past workshops.

Do let me know if you are interested to attend our next workshop!

I want to Enquire about the next Entrepreneurship Development Program!

Would you like to discuss your Startup?


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